Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Back with an Orchestral bang!..................x

Have you missed me?  Have you, have you, have you???????

It feels odd, having been away from here for so long, but I'm back, after a nice rest...... ready for our chatterings. Thank you too, for the lovely messages you sent  ( you lovely lot ) seeing if all was well.  All WAS well, nothing awful has happened.
I just lost my voice for a while back there, things got a bit busy, one day blurred into the next...you know?

So I thought it only right that I should share a few of our busyings with you.
We were lucky enough to go to "orchestra in a field"....set in the Abby grounds in Glastonbury, big bumblebee wanted to go so, so much. She had done a little workshop thingy with Charles Hazelwood with her violin. The man is incredible. Such an inspiring character, his musical brilliance and energy for music is catching. 
He was conducting the orchestra, and we managed to get there in time to listen / watch  the rehearsals taking place. The girls were captured by the old fashioned children's area and skipped from one ride to the next.

In fact it was such a safe environment , we let them explore together whilst we sipped tea and scoffed cream teas listening to the music.

The weather held until the evening, when in time with a rousing piece of orchestral wonderfulness, the heavens opened.....We stayed though, it was just too brilliant not to.

The bumblebee's also found these fellows THE FLYING SEAGULLS have you heard of them? They travel through the summer months across the country from one festival to the next, treating our little people to adventures of pure imagination, joys and many many belly giggles! Yes, indeed ....they rolled up in their rather fine gypsy painted truck, popped the back down to make the stage, and that was it...........everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was absorbed. Never have I seen such enthusiastic storytellers.

Not only that, but these dapper chaps don't take a wage. they travel to deprived parts of Europe....and beyond, to help children from those place smile.......open up.....and have fun.

PLEASE visit their website and support them in anyway you possibly can......fabby dooooo da x

You know those days, where you get home. You are all exhausted, but smiling still, reliving the day in your memory, happy to have experienced what you have........Just perfection.