Monday, 24 October 2011

This Monday..................

In the full swing of the the half term here at the's great.
And getting ready for another birthday. This time biggest bumblebee. She's 8 soon.......crazy. I mean, how can it only be 8 years I have spent with this lovely girl, loved her, cuddled her, watched her playing, chatted with her....yet.....I feel how can I be a mother of an 8 year old?..........

My funny fantastic girls and I spent this afternoon making treat for a few friends ( mummies and kiddies ) that are coming round tomorrow to help celebrate these 8 years so far.

Am feeling a little bit emotional right see we've had ups and downs with our big wise. I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again. But she's special...we are lucky, so lucky to have her. There are moments as parent we all feel that rise in our throats, prickles in our eyes when you just have such a rush of emotions for our little ones.....Birthdays...ALWAYS emotional, Christmas plays, always blubbering, parents evening.....trying so hard not to look like a grinning cheshire cat foooool.

WHAAAAT am I going to be like when my girls turn 16, 18, 21 ...get married?????? Wooo slow down there Mrs.Q..........that will never happen, you see my girls WONT grow up and will live with me forever....there.

I'm quite in love........................with Mr.Q obvs.....but with this song...WHY have I not heard of this lady before?

Sending happy thoughts your way, from a windswept, rainy, stormy Somerset to you all.xxxxx

Friday, 21 October 2011


Quick, quick, a quick quick post......

Four balls of Amy Butler aran, a clever Nanny...................

( corsage made at a friends craft evening for da ladies......I like it ......lots )

Lucky me, it feels sooooo good!

And the bumblebees? They are trotting around, eagerly waiting for the magic time 4.50pm, when they shall go to the ball....(otherwise known as the school fancy dress party)

That's a wrap...for now.......xx Happy Weekend xx

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Doing....................doing......doing...........I have been doing costumes. For the bumblebee's for a fancydress partaaaay after school on Friday.

Quite often I leave things to the last minute. A normal person would just mooch over to matalan, asda, where ever and grab an outfit.

No not me. I decide to make unicorn know, like you do.

I'm about half way, am I freaking out yet? Nahhhh, I'll do that Friday far so good, the girls are pleased, and wore the manes and tails before tea last night, pawing the floor with their feet hooves, skipping about the cottage neighing etc...

How cute is my big bumblebee? She picked some flowers from the garden, and put them here for her.

This post actually is becoming more and more about big bumblebee....she has been learning to knit. That girls crazy for it. A few rows in ( many, MANY stitches have been lost forever in the knitting heaven, had they not been lost, she could have made a scarf by now ....patience ).....

I think she's doing rather well for a nearly 8 year old.......Infact, she's showing me up I'd say.


Monday, 17 October 2011

Nice things and welcoming new friends...x

We had a lucky weekend here.

Firstly the bumblebee's had a little friend over to play most of Saturday. And it was one of those play dates that makes you think, we should do this more often. Three was certainly NOT a crowd. There were giggles and music, board games and biscuits so often goes the other way!....

Secondly, we don't have a huge success rate with freecycle. Have you used it yet? If not you basically log on, type in your area, and you get emailed by other people with things they want to get rid of...for FREE!!
So this weekend, Mr.Q picked up a dishwater ( super clean I might add ) and driveway gravel. We don't have any spare pennies at the moment to buy either of these things ourselves, so to have them for fweeeee........ woo hoo.

Thirdly, we picked up some new chicks from some friends...they are oh so cute...we love them and their soft feathers already.

My bestest has named the big brown one Cordelia, and little bumblebee has named a golden one Saskia....I was told what sorts they all were, but I get confused, so they are just the brown one, the golden ones, the black one, and the white ones.....7 in total.

Our old chicken girls were ever so put out...and have been placed in the run for naughty girls. Bullying and pulling out baby feathers is not tolerated.......what shall I do with them???

I am also still, in birthday mode.......big bumblebee is 8 in a few weeks ( I can't believe this, I have an 8 year heart aches watching them grow, please stay little forever...please ), and although we are away for her birthday, she's still having a few pals round for tea......

So I have quickly been running up a few going home presents from the leftover fabric used for the aprons I made here ..........

To be filled with sweeties.............................................

B.T.W I have unicorns on the brain.......all will be revealed, but I'm thinking about unicorns horns.....hoo hummmmm........

Friday, 14 October 2011

ooooooooooooops x

WHO went over budget in the yarn shop this morning?????????????????????????????

Happy Friday all xxx

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Colourful corners of my home # 2....x

 October is our birthday bonanza month.....Q's was the 3rd birthday so far..and there's a few more to I keep watering that money tree in the back garden.

.Mr.Q had a super birthday thank you, with fish and chips and carrot cake. We know how to roll.......

I love my home.  

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” - William Morris.

So true.

Clutter, nick-nacks, colour, worn, stratched, second hand....some peoples idea of a nightmare. But my childhood and my perfect place.

Somethings I just find hard to get rid of. I do love a good clear out, and I think no matter what size our house would be, I could always fill it up...........

Honestly, Sethy dog is snoring SOOOOOOO loudly in the armchair, I'm struggling to gather words and thoughts today......SHUTTTTT UPPP!!! Bless, the doggy sleepy whimpering and leg jolting is going on.......must be a good afternoon nap eh?


Monday, 10 October 2011

Colourful corners of my home # 1

It's the Q's birthday tomorrow. No matter how big or small a birthday, it must be celebrated I think. He will have a cake ( undecided yet as to what sort......traditional, or a hummingbird bakery creation?)....bunting, balloons, and a birthday dinner. You know that naughty Q went a bought himself a new bike a few weeks ago as his present, so I have no wrapping to do, though the bumblebee's always make something, but shhh I can't tell you what 'cos he might well be reading today.

Birthday bashes aside........I thought this week I might show a few pictures from the home. I don't want to bombard you with images of florals, red, greens and pinks in one post, so I will write a few posts throughout the week.

My green fingered mother in -law picked some flowers from her garden for me......ummmm......why oh bloomin why can't I have flowers like this in my OCTOBER???!!! I'm thinking of grabbing her and making her live in the shed in the garden, if your lucky, I might hire her out....interested?

P.S........thank's for putting up with my rants, and all your comments, sorry if I have been a bit rubbish in visiting you.......I will get there there eventually.


Friday, 7 October 2011

You've gotta laugh......x

Quite often, ok most days I feel really guilty. The bumblebee's are off at school full time now, Mr.Q is at work...and where am I??? At home. I am super lucky to have had this for the last 9 years, to be able to be a "homemaker"...what does that mean exactly? Does it mean I make jams, clean the house, do the washing, prepare meals, be at the kiddies every beck and call? Because I have done all those things, and still do....and I do love it. ........which surprises a lot of people, and frankly most of them women.....working women......"what do you do all day?" a good one. Have bitten my lip more times than I care to remember.......

I'm not having a go at working mothers by any means, that is sooo not the case. BUT don't have a go at me for trying to do the best for my family......The other week I lost it ever so slightly with a friend ( lets call her Jane ).....Jane is a high flyer, works non stop, and loves it....good for her. " But what is it that you do ALL day?" she was that time of the month, the blinkin dogs just looking at me wanting to go for a walk made me shout.
" I make, I paint, every room in our cottage I have redecorated, de -wood wormed, painted wood, walls, wallpapered, I have pulled up carpets on my own ( and fell down the stairs trying to carry one....resulting in me being covered in about 40yrs worth of dust and s**t...urghhh ) I have made curtains, cushions, made a vege garden,  I cook I clean, I help with the bumblebee's school, please don't insinuate I sit on my backside all day watching neighbours. There are perks of being able to catch up with friends for coffee and stuff, but actually it's quite hard. It's hard to maintain sanity some days, when the only person you talk to is a 5 year old's all about the gruffalo game, and sylvanians, and if they managed to wipe their bottom at school on their own or not. ( Yup, us mum's we have to look in the knickers...hummm that's why you are sore )...and then try and keep up with an adult conversation with  husband when he gets home from work, with out looking uninterested or a complete moron.....I'm usually both..".
I may have over stepped the mark on my rant, but hey I felt attacked!...." perhaps you could do with a few weeks off work Jane to tackle your house ?"............( P.S the woman has a cleaner, I don't know what the cleaner does, but it ain't cleaning. She lives in what could be an amazing old farmhouse, which is falling apart.......seriously swirly 70's poo carpets everywhere, peeling wallpaper and woodchip....the kitchen doors are falling off too....not to mention the cheap crappy lino floor all peeling up....and kids toys, literally from when they were babies right up to now 9 years worth of crap...EVERYWHERE!! )...

So please leave me to it?
leave me to my mundane existence of  looking after my family, and making everything pretty and homely.....cos I'll take it anyday of the year. I am the last person my kids see when dropped off at school, and the first person when they come out. Yeah money is tight, but you get by.

So..........there ( sticks tongue out ).........Now have you tried Alys Fowlers courgette cake recipe? You will find it in her Edible Garden book and I love it. It's not a pretty cake, but it's a satisfying one......the Q loves it and the bumblebee's too have gone to school with a slice in their lunchboxes ( it's Friday ).....

Yesterday was a guilt free day. These are rare indeed. I was tired, and had a sore shock horror....I snuggled down with tea and cake and watched Water For Elephants........IN THE DAYTIME!!!!!!! What WOULD Jane say about that then????!!!!

Happy weekend xxx

Monday, 3 October 2011

What a nice pair.......of boots x

What....neeeeeew shoooooes? Indeed, bought from Ebay, but only from Tesco! See I just couldn't be bothered to get in the car and trundle off to the nearest town to see if they had them in stock. Maybe I paid over the odds for them, but I have been on the look out for some boots like these for yonks.
My bestest's little girl had a fab pair last year, and she looked amazingly victoriana in them....I half expected her to start singing Mary Poppins, or like Nancy in Oliver.

My goodness I'm so pleased with them.......I squealed with delight in opening them....normally I prefer bags, but's shoes.
The best thing ( sorry to go on about a pair of boots so much )....they have ditsy flowers inside...whoop whoop.

Ahhhh I am complete.

This morning has been wonderful, as I have started jotting some ideas down for some work friends passed my way...

I don't want to show you too much, as it's all in the early stages. But you know, it was nice to just sit, be happy, with my pencils, pens and colours......tea was of course standard.

T.T.F.N x