Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Show and Tell at the Cottage....................x

Do all women struggle with what to buy a man? I have a rule, unless you have hundreds, perhaps a thousand to spend ( gadgets, technology ) you will struggle. BIG TIME. Though every now and then, a little gem will show itself to you.

My Dad's birthday is fast approaching. The bumblebee's will always make something from them, little fingers busy busy fiddling over a creation. This year? Hama bead brooches. Done!

There's a company, a fantastic beautiful collection of printed images they sell. Wallpapers, napkins, t-shirts, and hankies!!!! "That's it" I cried, my fishing fanatic of a Father shall have some posh hankies wot have pink fish on 'em.

Now I'm no fisherman, but even I had a moment of thinking "could I keep these for myself ????"..........I'm thrilled with them, how super cute, and could you possibly think of anything fancier to blow your nose on?

It's birthday season at the cottage. Dad has been crossed off the list. Then it's my Q, then Nanny, then Talulla ( and a few of her friends too ) has to be super organised.
This is how I roll.
*A wicker basket sits on a shelf full of various birthday cards and wrap at all times.
*Next to the card basket is a larger multi coloured basket, containing an assortment of gifts ( I buy all year round for Christmas, Birthdays, Easter, it's the only way! )
*If  I see something at the shops......I buy. Simple. So I never run out of presents, there's always something for someone.
*Clear out. When one of the bumblebee's has a birthday coming up, we have a sort out, disguised usually in a room change around. Toys are given to charity shops, if they have not played with it in the last month, it's a goner. ( Unless it has meaning, or is very special ).

The latest bedroom clear out went like this.
Me -  " bumblebee's, your bedroom is like a pig sty, lets sort it out"
Bumblebees - * big sighs * " ok, can we dance too? "
Me - " Of course."

First they danced to Olly Murs and One Direction whilst making fairy decorations for their door, I know, I know, I will cry if the blue tac makes any marks.

Then the Q and I had enough, and decided some proper music was needed.

( Our lovely Matilda loves that she has a song.....tidying could resume )

Are you shocked the beds are not perfectly made? Well, I ask the girls to make their own beds. ( the real reason is, I am RUBBISH at making beds. Does that make me less of a domestic goddess/housewife/mother? So be it . )

This wasn't the post I intended to do today. I had something else up my sleeve to show you. But lets go with it.
Happy Wednesday!!!!! xxxx