Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Four reasons for enjoying today......x

There are four things around the cottage, that are making me smile today.

1. My new peachy/pink/coral nail varnish. I'm in LUUURVE with it.

A good book. THE SNOW CHILD try it, if you are partial to whimsical grown up fairytales and fables.

Big bumblebee had an after school weaving club. Every time I walk past her colourful weave...I smile.

The sun.......it's shining today, did you see it?

My four happy smiley things...........xxx

Monday, 14 May 2012

This weekend....x

......we visited the old cinema in Lyme ( should have dressed a la 1920's for the day )

Beached it, with the bumblebee's and Q, lazing in the sun wiggling my toes, slurping my take away tea, and eating cheese and onion pasties for supper......

And taking long warm walks when the sun is setting, being humbled and comforted by our surroundings and the people we love........I find the weekends, if you let them, can run away from you. They can be all consuming, busy busy spent in the car....going here there and everywhere.

This weekend has been just for us. For the bumblebee's, for the Q, and for me. Didn't the sun this weekend make you excited for the summer? Forget the washout today, my mind is on long summer days, sandals and painted toe nails, hair up and sunglasses, ice-creams and holidays, beach days, happy days, perfect days.

Happy Monday xxx

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The tale of a sink...................x

Bank holidays...... we expect wet weather and D.I.Y........

At the cottage we had both of those things, sprinkled with a bike ride, a walk, swimming, games, and The Voice ( such a good show, the bumblebee's LOVE it )

Since, ummm errr forever I have wanted to get rid of our awful stainless steel sink. But you know, a good sink seems really expensive. So the kitchen had to make do with a splosh of pink paint, and some cheap Ikea door handles. However, never underestimate the power of a woman!
The washer on the kitchen taps has been being naughty for some time. A man would replace the washer for 50p right? A woman, will drags her children and husband to three different stores, proclaiming to NEEDING a new kitchen, and while we are at it a kitchen conservatory is really whats called for.
She knew what she was doing. Because her real reason for wandering around so many stores, walking round the kitchens, asking where the nearest conservatory shop is this.......
A new sink would seem a bargain compared to an extension. 
That was her aim.
A new sink. New taps.
Mission accomplished.

If I've lost you on this post, I'm so sorry....I know a new sink isn't the height of excitement for most. But this is my blog, about me and the fam, and stuff we do and stuff we see and stuff we make.
Including a sink.
And taps.

So anyway what a difference a sink makes......

We did have some fun this weekend though, it wasn't all about the sink.
I had booked the bumlebee's into a make and bake session at a local cafe, which just happens to be an old railway carriage! Superb........they made cheese and onion pasties, whilst the grown ups sat, drank tea, and gobbled up savory muffins.

These are what childhood memories are about. Sitting in a carriage, making pasties, slurping juice, and playing in the vegetable garden. Well worth the £8.50....as we grown ups actually had an unbroken conversation.

Have a super Tuesday xxx

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Style icons......I wanna be you x

Most evenings, before I go to bed....I sort my outfit for the next day. I suppose I've always quite liked this aspect of being a girl. Mixing colours, textures, adding necklaces, shoes, hairbands..........

The men, just don't get it......how could they, why would they?! Though I do have friends too that think I'm mad loving fashion, craving a cardigan/blouse/pair of shoes. And that's ok too........though please don't frown upon my jumpsuit, because the next time I see you....I will just wear a brighter one....hehe.

Over the years I have come across many famous women I think just have my style sooooo right. I love them for it, wanna be them so much and actively seek out a similar dress or bag......sad? I don't know about that, BUT I know what I like, and here are some of the women I think are my fashion icons. ...Though, I know they carry off outfits far better than I ever could, there's no harm in dreaming of having Kate Moss's legs or her suede knee boots.

I think right now, at 30 years old, I am comfortable with how I look, what I wear, perhaps I just don't give a s**t anymore, about what people think. Actually I think that's it, I don't care. Each to their own I say.   

But I do love a pair of wellingtons. oooh I do. Stomping about  in them, it makes me feel all homey house wifey like I'm just doing some good putting them on my feet.

Who are your style icons, male or female infact, I'd love to know....


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A rainy day activity...............x

I bet, like many parents, this weekend we were looking for things to do. We played board games, we watched a film, and then we made mice.....like you do.

Cardboard boxes ( teabag and smoothie ones ).....check.
Old fabric odds and ends.......check.
Mod Podge....check.
Felt, needles, stuffing, and threads......check.

The bumblebee's picked out their favourite fabrics, chose their mousey colours, ( big bumblebee thought hard about this, contrasting her pink mouse with a pretty house is ever so tricky.......or so she found. )
To be truthful, I could have sat there all day and made a little mouse town, but the bumblebee's are old enough now, that they don't really need mummy hovering over their crafts anymore. They can cope, and I should stop interfering. ( they didn't say this, oh no not at all, they just simply announced " mummy we are fine, you can go and cook dinner"....great. Thanks for that....I'd love to.......)........though of course ever now and then...." mummy can you just un- knot my thread pleeeeeease?"....and I run to their aid.

These mice do like an adventure, they really do. Riding on toy cars and lorries, is their preferred method of transport at the weekends.

You know I found them scampering about the bumblebee's bedroom last night, in the dark, squeaking excited squeaks, playing hider and seek in the girls hair......

And falling asleep on my cake stand, they look like they need a blanket don't they?

 I saw a mouse...where? There on the stair....where on the stair, right there.....

I think little bumblebee has sneaked her mouse into school, as she;s not in her house....or is she being a bad mouse? Hummm.......

*Sorry for the blurry pictures folks, still dealing with camera issues....makes me wanna sweeaaaam.

Guess I should toddle off, I've got moshi monster cupcakes to make before work this afternoon.......yes you heard right, MOSHI MONSTER CUPCAKES......I may have overstepped the simple make a few cakes for the cake sale mark. Who cares, I'll me one coooool mum hehe xxxx