Friday, 10 August 2012

There's no place like....Laaaaandon x

My bestest messaged me....'post, post, post ' here it is. My latest post. Hehehehe!!

 The bumblebee's are upstairs, giggling and playing with their little pal. Radio 2 is playing ( Claudia Winkleman ) and Blur, Girls and Boys is blaring............The sun is out. All is well.

Have I ever told you about a certain little bumblebee's obsession?
I think I've spoken many times about mine, ahem, flowers, GREEN, chocolate, tea, dresses, shoes, Pearl Lowe, Mrs.Weasley, and on and on....

But here's a new ( well old ) one from the little one. Dorothy..............Ah yes, she lives, breaths, all that has sparkly red shoes and gingham dresses!

Can you imagine her little face, can you, CAN YOU...when we tell her....we are off to London.. ( not to buy heat magazine oh no ) the the London Palladium, to watch  THE WIZARD OF OZ  ??!!!!

We lunched, I drank tea, the Q was even excited.................

Babychino's were slurped, but nothing could detract from the butterflies in our tummies. I mean, what if little bumblebee didn't like it? What if it was too scary? And what if it was a let down and didn't live up to her expectations?

But when we sat in our seats, none of that mattered. She was so happy, with twinkly eyes and rosy cheeks. Even little miss 'cool' Talulla was engrossed.
I cried. Yes I did, the emotion of seeing my little girls heorine, watching her gasp and snuggle into me as the wicked witch came down from the ceiling, turned and stared at little bumblebee dressed in her Dorothy get up.............
Listening to her singing along, clapping her hands so hard I thought they'd bleed.
Yes, The Wizard Of Oz lived up to it. It was everything she wanted and imagined...and much, much more.
You never forget your first time at the theatre do you?

So what show next? Any suggestions? Q is keen to watch more, so strike whilst the iron is hot, and all that.....
 Anyway, everytime we are in Laaaaaaaaaandon, we literally have to drag little bumblebee home. She tells us quite honestly, that when she grows up, she will live in a city. She likes the smells, the heat, the people and the tube.
'Hummmmmm we'll see' I always say.......But I already know, that she's a city girl at heart. I know this because I see her little face in the back seat, and the huge sigh she sighs when we enter Bristol, or Bath, or indeed London.

Happy sunny Friday to you all xxxxxx


  1. Wow, looks amazing! your girls are so cute, glad you had a lovely time with them, happy weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x

  2. The best show in town is Matilda, the Musical. Bertie Carvel who plays Miss. Trunchbull is outstanding. Glad you enjoyed your theatre experience. Your daughter looks ever so cute dressed up as Dorothy.

  3. Sounds like you had great fun- How magical for your little girl:) My son has a real thing about London too, the Southbank, grafitti, skateboarding and just the whole buzz. He asks how old he has to be before he is allowed to hop on a train and go himself. Worries me a little in case I get a call from his 15year old self saying "Mum...I'm on the train!" :)

  4. Ooh what a fabulous day! I really want to go and see this! What girl wouldn't love red sparkly shoes! :)
    Victoria xx

  5. I've been catching up on blogs after my holiday week away...How funny you mentioned 'The wizard of Oz'...while staying in a holiday cottage the previous people had left that film in the dvd player so we all sat and watched it. Sophia had not seen it before (can you believe it?! bad mother!!)
    Her face gazed so excitedly when the house landed and all was bright and in colour! we all enjoyed it. The last time I watched it must have been with my dear sweet Nanny x

    Hope you all had so much fun xxxxx

    I love the littl'st bumblebee;s costume! how sweet x

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