Tuesday, 28 August 2012

There's a bee in my bonnet...............x

What do you do with two bumblebee's, a daddy, a pile of wood , a snoozy dog, and a handful of gardener's twine?
WHY, make a woodland den of course!!!
A few weeks ago, I had a LIGHTBULB ( said in the style of despicable me ) poor old Q groaned. Every now and then, I get a bee in my bonnet about something.....and I go on and on and on and on, and then I start what ever the bee in my bonnet is, with all the good intentions of doing it all myself. The Q knows, he just knows, that there is no waaaaaaay I'll ever finish the bee in my bonnet. He knows, that he will finish it. Every time, always.
I do love him.
Well, quite often after having a bee in my bonnet, I'll change my mind. And decide on something else. Another bee in my bonnet.
One sunny afternoon, Q heard me hacking and sawing at the lilac tree in the garden, I had decided it had got far too big, and I had grand ideas of making a rustic cottagey fence out of all the wonky branches.
Hummmmmmm.........the Q had to finish off the sawing, my arm started to ache, and I needed a cup of tea.....
Anyway the fence idea was far too silly even for me, after all that sawing and hacking, there STILL wasnt enough wood. So.....................................................you know what it's like....that bloomin wood was piled in a corner of the garden for yonks and yonks.......UNTIL.......
One sunny weekend..........I started a den............it began with three branches and some twine.....

Both bumblebee's couldnt resisit a day being Peter Pan's lost boys, building their own hideout, just for them and their secret adventures in whatever magical land they wandered to.....

You'd better believe it that the Q muscled in and got involved. We are ever so lucky to have girls that love to get their hands dirty. They love digging, and climbing, and wearing their wellingtons. But you know, this was one bee in my bonnet that Q relished getting involved in, ooooooh I don't think I've ever seen him have such a good day.


So you guessed it, supper was served in the woodland den. The bumblebee's had to kick the Q out. hehe xxxxxxxxx

1. You don't need to spend a fortune in the holidays to have a good day.
2. The lilac tree still lives, it's just a little bit smaller.
3. Girls can give boys a run for their money with bushcrafts.



  1. Love it! Proper low cost uncommercial holiday fun. Just how the hols should be.

  2. OH I agree with Jelly Jam!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Wow, Nattie, that's fantastic! Children love a den of their own and I'm surprised they didn't want to sleep in it! I had a suite delivered in huge boxes a few years ago and Millie took one (IT WAS HUGE) and made it into her den, it had cushions, blankets, comics and books ... and yes meals were eaten there too!

    Enjoy the peace xx

  4. What a great way to spend the day! Love the last photo - even the cat joined in!

  5. Me encánta el resultado! Saludos

  6. AMAZING!!! What a fabulous school holidays project!!! :-)

  7. You just made a wonderful magical place that they will tell their children about.....fabulous idea!
    time well spent in your greatest investment our children, I spent the day with mine clearing trees......your sweet peas looked happier than mine, smile!