Saturday, 8 September 2012

A post about a girl........x

I think I may have said before, but I do, really truly, honestly have THE bestest pal in the whole entire world..........
What makes for a bestest friend?
Hummm ok , well I'm sure you all have your own ideas, but let me just share a few of mine with you ( feel free to add to these )....
You know he/she is your best friend when......
* They ask how your day went, and they really actually mean it. Theyre not just making conversation.
* They can finish your sentance, or give you a look, and in that one look, you KNOW you are both thinking the same exact thing.
* That bitch has your back.
* You can tell them your most precious secrets, and that's what they stay as.....secrets.
* Good, bad, ugly...........they might not agree with you, or any decision you make, but they will always be there, with a cup of tea and packet of chocolate biscuits.
* If you look back, over the years........all those memories shared. They will always have a little piece of you in their heart, and vice versa.
* You would literally stand infront of a bus for question.
* There is no nonsense, no agenda, no bitching, no point scoring, just friendship.
* Your kiddies love them as much as you do.
My bestest has it all. Can I give you one example?
Ok, the bestest knows I've a bit under the weather. Firstly can I say she always calls ( though we live miles and miles apart, sorry again, because I'm guesing I've told you that before too ) just for a check in.............Secondly the lady knows of my new jobbie ( which I think she is more excited about that me hehe ) Thirdly....I recieve a message...." Keep your twinkly eye out for the postie "......hummmmmmmmmmm thought I, what is she up too?
She only went a got a Rob Ryan Nattie Noodle bag all for me..........perfect for work she tells me. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh don't you love a bestest?
I am blessed with the bestest best........hehe.
So you know I filled that baby up right away, just to go and do the food shop.
Happy weekend all xxxxxxx


  1. What a gorgeous bag! And what a wonderful friend!!! A lovely, happy post to read!!! ;-)
    Hope you have a great week.....

  2. that must have been a true delight my lovely!!...i love receiving cards/letters in the post from old chums...theres nothing quite like good old friendship! xx

  3. Helloo,
    What a lovely cheery post for a rainy Tuesday!!
    I have a friend like this also.
    They are just the best.
    LoVed the bag.
    Wishing you a week full of fun.
    Maria x