Saturday, 8 December 2012

A little chatter..................x

The chances of actually getting a decent photo on here for you guys, is becoming sooo tricky.....though I do love these cold, dark, wintery nights.
As I type today, the bumblebee's are on their way to the Grandparents with the Q. They are all having a sleepover, 'cos it's ladies night here tonight.....ooooooh I, giggles, wine, snowballs, secret Santa's....I am ridiculously excited. I did a little dance and a clap. 

But while the house is still and quiet ( saaaaay whaaaaaat?! I know! It's quiet! ) I thought we should have a little catch up.
How far are you all with your Christmas prep? Apart from having mini seizures every day trying to find little bumblebee a perfect- but- within- budget- rocking horse.....I'm nearly there...really? Naaaahhhhhh.

So a slightly delayed reaction in showing you piccies from the School Christmas Fair Cake Stall........we did ever so well, nearly sold the lot. But I can honestly say don't ever stand by a speaker blaring Christmas music, if I hear Cliff Richard again........well.........I may crawl under the nearerst table and rock myself.

I did a little cheat. Top tip coming up ladies. Any mummies out there that need to bake something Christmassy for a fundraiser soon? I used an Ikea pre-made gingerbread kit ( think you can get smaller ones in the supermarkets too ).......whizzed up some royal icing ( icing sugar, egg white, lemon juice ) grabbed bags and bags of sweeties ( not all made it on the house...hehe ).....and decorated the gingerbread house. I feel like, more is more......go wild.

Add cellophane and ribbon..........mine sold for a whopping £10. 

I also definately want to talk Christmas table decorations with you. But, my nails must be painted, the ham needs to go in the oven........and I simply must have a bop to Buble. 

Lets chat again in the week? Happy weekend.............xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oooh sounds like you are in for a super lovely evening.
    your stall looks fab and i adore the gingerbread house ..... genius idea too!
    i have have brief but violent panic moments too!
    have fun
    love jooles x

  2. Have a lovely evening. Well done with the gingerbread house. I was tempted to buy a kit from Ikea too but knowing my household everyone would worry about eating it because they wouldn't want to spoil it (yep and then it would end up stale and in the bin - lol!)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. woweeeee loving the ginger bread house x great display at the christmas fair...lots of hand made and more traditional items at sophia's Christmas school fair- i really loved it- she even made a stained glass robin...I brought something fun in the charity shops in Tavistock yesterday 'an elf's foot door stop' - my mother and twinny couldnt stop laughing, but little did they know they have one too for christmas hehehehe x

  5. Your school cake table looked wonderful no wonder you did so well, clever mummy...
    Hope you had a good girlie night
    Thea x

  6. Every thing looked smashing and your gingerbread house looked great!!!
    Enjoy your evening, Heidi

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