Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Preperations a go-go...............x

Like every other super mummy out there, I'm not content with juggling my work/home/social balls in the air.....I have to add some more.
I do like being busy, planning, especially now, my favourite time of year.
We've had a few crazy months here at the cottage I don't mind telling you, I'm looking forward to the pop my slipper clad feet up.
One of my lovely super duper friends and I decidied we would man the cake stall at the school Christmas Fair........we don't do normal. Or things by halves.
We may have discussed candy stripes, gingham table clothes, twinkly lights, perfect home baked goods. We may also be having a "special" meeting, to plan..........that's just how we do it......
Big bumblebee is on the lucky dip. This is a big deal. She is uber excited. Frantic with anticipation. She invited a little pal over for supper tonight, so they could wrap up the prizes....giggle, put the prizes in the box, take them out again and count them. Put them in the box again, then take them out again to count....and so on.
( I may have given the dip box a makeover......ermmmm I was told to add a bit of tinsel, and got carried away covering the whole thing in stripes...........sorry bout that, ladies. )
An exhausting evening for some...........
B.T.W...........I should have warned you, this is a Christmassy post. Too late? Too bad Grinches........go and get on with your Christmas shopping!


  1. Hello what a clever Mummy you are.. I love making gingerbread.. your little folk are so sweet..well after all your hardwork I hope someone makes you a lovely hot drink so you can put your feet up!
    (did I hear you say.. fat chance)
    Thea x

  2. Fantastic, wish you were doing the stall at our Christmas fair! :)

  3. oh' you do set a warm and beautiful scene- pure bliss!!!! look at those printed bags and gingers ;0) wonderful!!!!! x

  4. What a cosy and christmassy post! I love it! And thank you for inspiraing me - I'm going to be getting my Chrismas bake on at the weekend!

  5. They look fantastic. I'm rubbish at any kind of icing!
    Just scrolled down and realised I missed that stunner of a quilt. It's gorgeous although it looks like you haven't had much time for snuggling since!

  6. I've been roped into the cake and cafe bit too. Last year I was in charge, this year I've kept my head down as it's the last primary school xmas fair for us(feels sad writing that actually).

    You've been really busy and sounds like you're having fun with all the madness. Love that your wee one has supper to plan with a friend.


  7. Not too early at all your sweet cookies!
    I'm getting ready too! this post is so inspiring to get my groove on.....take care, Heidi

  8. I think its good to make the stall special - definitely like the gingham and twinkling bit! Ever since seeing Young at Heart with Doris Day I have been in love with gingerbread men (actually she has a lot to answer for as its where i also got my gingham addiction!). Have fun. xxx