Monday, 14 May 2012

This weekend....x

......we visited the old cinema in Lyme ( should have dressed a la 1920's for the day )

Beached it, with the bumblebee's and Q, lazing in the sun wiggling my toes, slurping my take away tea, and eating cheese and onion pasties for supper......

And taking long warm walks when the sun is setting, being humbled and comforted by our surroundings and the people we love........I find the weekends, if you let them, can run away from you. They can be all consuming, busy busy spent in the car....going here there and everywhere.

This weekend has been just for us. For the bumblebee's, for the Q, and for me. Didn't the sun this weekend make you excited for the summer? Forget the washout today, my mind is on long summer days, sandals and painted toe nails, hair up and sunglasses, ice-creams and holidays, beach days, happy days, perfect days.

Happy Monday xxx


  1. sounds totally perfect - come back sun x

  2. What a lovely weekend ... Cinema looks fab! Weather looks great, still freezing up north! Have a lovely week, Claire xx

  3. What a wonderful time you had!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. It was nice to see the sun, albeit briefly! Love Lyme. Reminder to self - must go again soon!