Thursday, 3 May 2012

Style icons......I wanna be you x

Most evenings, before I go to bed....I sort my outfit for the next day. I suppose I've always quite liked this aspect of being a girl. Mixing colours, textures, adding necklaces, shoes, hairbands..........

The men, just don't get could they, why would they?! Though I do have friends too that think I'm mad loving fashion, craving a cardigan/blouse/pair of shoes. And that's ok too........though please don't frown upon my jumpsuit, because the next time I see you....I will just wear a brighter one....hehe.

Over the years I have come across many famous women I think just have my style sooooo right. I love them for it, wanna be them so much and actively seek out a similar dress or bag......sad? I don't know about that, BUT I know what I like, and here are some of the women I think are my fashion icons. ...Though, I know they carry off outfits far better than I ever could, there's no harm in dreaming of having Kate Moss's legs or her suede knee boots.

I think right now, at 30 years old, I am comfortable with how I look, what I wear, perhaps I just don't give a s**t anymore, about what people think. Actually I think that's it, I don't care. Each to their own I say.   

But I do love a pair of wellingtons. oooh I do. Stomping about  in them, it makes me feel all homey house wifey like I'm just doing some good putting them on my feet.

Who are your style icons, male or female infact, I'd love to know....



  1. Oo love some of the images you have there. Mmm yes I wouldn't mind being Kate for a day maybe. I have to admit I love interior design and love colour and how to use here and there how it affects a room etc. But I am a bit rubbish when it comes to clothes. In my mind I am still this bo-ho Goth girl, in reality I think I just look like a frumpy mum.

    I have been really hankering for velvet and lace again, victorian boots and perhaps blue or red hair. But being a bit of a wall flower would feel too self concious to carry it off. Two women I do love though is Kate Moss and her rock n roll ways and Dear Helena Bonham Carter. I would marry her, be her, BFF her whatevs she really does rock! And to be honest I don't tend to idolise many celebs!

    A really interesting post there Nattie, keep rocking your jump suit!


  2. I think the last photo is my favourite and much closer to how I would like to dress. Have you seen Nanny McPhee 2? I love the clothes that the actress who plays their mum wears.
    Lisa x

  3. I love the last 2 the best ....icons indeed!

  4. Oh Nattie I feel so old! I'm ashamed to say I've no idea who these people are. Probably serves me right for not watching telly.
    Blue dress outfit number 1 is my fave. I'm assuming from reading that is Kate. who is the man?
    Crikey I'm going to have to start buying Hello or something.

  5. Pearl bought some cards and a dress from me recently. I was so excited but didn't admit to knowing who she was!! M x

  6. Dress how you want to I say,if your happy getting dressed in your leggings and wellies every day why not.I look in my wardrobe and see the nice clothes I have and promise myself I will start and look like a lady every day with my makeup on my hair perfect, but then Id have a fit if I got bleach down a skirt or coal from the fire on my dress, so unless Im going out on go the jeans and baggy jumpers.
    I love the outfit in the first pic its lovely.Love Jill xx

  7. Top and bottom are my favourite photos!!! :-)