Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The tale of a sink...................x

Bank holidays...... we expect wet weather and D.I.Y........

At the cottage we had both of those things, sprinkled with a bike ride, a walk, swimming, games, and The Voice ( such a good show, the bumblebee's LOVE it )

Since, ummm errr forever I have wanted to get rid of our awful stainless steel sink. But you know, a good sink seems really expensive. So the kitchen had to make do with a splosh of pink paint, and some cheap Ikea door handles. However, never underestimate the power of a woman!
The washer on the kitchen taps has been being naughty for some time. A man would replace the washer for 50p right? A woman, will drags her children and husband to three different stores, proclaiming to NEEDING a new kitchen, and while we are at it a kitchen conservatory is really whats called for.
She knew what she was doing. Because her real reason for wandering around so many stores, walking round the kitchens, asking where the nearest conservatory shop is this.......
A new sink would seem a bargain compared to an extension. 
That was her aim.
A new sink. New taps.
Mission accomplished.

If I've lost you on this post, I'm so sorry....I know a new sink isn't the height of excitement for most. But this is my blog, about me and the fam, and stuff we do and stuff we see and stuff we make.
Including a sink.
And taps.

So anyway what a difference a sink makes......

We did have some fun this weekend though, it wasn't all about the sink.
I had booked the bumlebee's into a make and bake session at a local cafe, which just happens to be an old railway carriage! Superb........they made cheese and onion pasties, whilst the grown ups sat, drank tea, and gobbled up savory muffins.

These are what childhood memories are about. Sitting in a carriage, making pasties, slurping juice, and playing in the vegetable garden. Well worth the £8.50....as we grown ups actually had an unbroken conversation.

Have a super Tuesday xxx


  1. Lol I am liking your style. Good way to get the sink you like. What a beautiful view and kitchen window you have there. I think the new sink complements it well.

    Baking in a railway carriage sounds like real fun. I was rather coveting those pretty lights they have too!

    P x

  2. Sounds like both adults and kids had a lovely time!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. What a clever bit of psychology - I'm impressed! I have an equally horrible cream plastic sink that is almost impossible to keep clean without destroying it. I am biding my time until we move and then I can have one I like!

  4. Haha you are clever ... A bit devious, but very clever! Sink looks great too ... Have a lovely week, Claire xxx

  5. The fact that granite is usually a prized type of material to make use of as kitchen countertops simply means that you'll be also putting a high value and investment on your premises. In other words, it simply raises the home value, and this is especially an asset when you choosed to sell your possession.

  6. Im loving your style! lol! and your sink..............its the same as ours!! -x-

  7. Everything and the kitchen sink.....many women can learn a lesson in what you did there.....I would definitely be feeling very smug if I were you!

    Those muffins are huge! Sounds just my cup of tea!

  8. Haha! I like your style! Love your sink too :)