Saturday, 10 November 2012

And by the way...........x

I suppose picture taking in the dark is not the best idea...........BUT I just knew I would forget to take them during the day ( which I did ) so I had not choice I tell you. I HAD NO CHOICE.

Today has been one of those gorgeous Autumn days, a splash of Christmas decoration shopping, and a wander round Stourhead gardens. A brisk walk, ooohing and aaaahing at the changing colours of the leaves, finding cutesy little cottages we want to live in, giggling at daft swans bobbing bottoms up in the lakes......mittens on, red noses. Perfect.

Sorry, back to dark pictures.

I love my home, I truly do, but just sometime I have a freak out. With two growing girls, space is a huge issue.

As parents we compromise all the this house we go a little further. The bumblebee's have the big bedroom of a 2 bedroomed cottage.
It makes sense. They have more "stuff " than we do. They make more mess than we do.
( though I will hanker after their bedroom until I get day...........sigh )

So we are tucked snuggly into a teeny tiny bedroom..............whilst they can play at starfish on their bedroom floor. Tis what we do innit? Anyway...their room...ahhhhhhhhh their room, is ever so lovely if I do say so myself. Though, we still struggle with storage, and always will. That's the choice we made in buying this house, so don't feel bad for us, it's fine, we are happy!!!

Desk storage was needed. Hours go by when those crazy girls sit there playing schools, writing storys, doodling............but they needed MORE space ( what's new? )

x   wine case used for knitting needles and wool   x

Wine cases.

I love them, cheap easy affordable.

The bumblebee's chose their paint colours........pom pom trim, ....ready......set.....go.

Such a cute little space. I can't tell you how grown up they feel, and how much better is that, than going to Ikea ( I'm not knocking it, I'm it's biggest fan.....Example. Popped in to LOOK at Christmas wrapping paper.....spent £70  )  and having a shelf like everyone else?
And by the way....who dosnt like a pom pom trim? ( If you just put your hand up, seriously? What are you doing here at florenceandrose?????? )


  1. i know why im here, cos i was just chatting to my twinny about her Ikea desk and I was after having some of her pom pom trims as i've been busy making a cushion...and then i stumble upon your bloggy and see we were thinking the same things! tehe! girly after my own heart!

    look at that view!!!! wowza!!!! x

  2. What lucky little ones to have such a special bedroom. Know what you mean about space ... we live in a 2 bed hobbit house and are just contemplating swapping our bigger room for little man's smaller one to give him more space. M x

  3. What a great idea and those 'new' storage areas look so cute with their pom pom trim....lovin' the rose wall paper too.....

    CLaire :}

  4. What lovely storage cubbies! I bet the little bees are thrilled! We gave our little man the biggest room in our last house to fit his train track on. In the move the train track made it's way to "Grandpa's" house as he has plans for a whole train ROOM, so I can selfishly say that for now we have the bigger room.

    Hello, by the way, I've only just found your blog and oh my gosh I love it! You seem incredibly similar to me in your way of thinking and I just "get" what you've written. Thank you for sharing, I look forwards to reading more.


  5. What a good idea to use wine cases. Just one question - where can you buy them? The wood in them looks really nice and strong. xxx