Monday, 19 November 2012

I love it when a project comes together.........x

Is it a year.....really.......a year ago? That I began my favourite fabrics blanket? 
Gosh, I had such high hopes, thinking the beauty of the fabric would carry me through it. As well as buying a few quilting books...." I can do this I CAN. " 
Turns out I really couldn' all.

I started because I wanted a snuggly quilt on our bed. Our bedroom is so super cold in the winter, I thought, in my madness....that if I created a blanket, picking out all my favourite fabrics, that not only would \I be warmer, but warmer with a smug smile on my face. Basking in the glorious colourful  loveliness that would be the bed quilt.

Oh I hand stitched the whole of the patchwork.....oh yes I really did. So that does make me feel proud, though.....I'm not sure I can even bear to tell you I shall have to whisper........

When it came to cutting it into shape ready to attach wadding, backing, and edging.....I got...errr....very scissor happy ......what should have been a double duvet sized blanket........became....somewhat smaller. humpfffff.....The patchwork brick effect was popped in the sewing table.........for a year, or perhaps more. The shame kept it there.

Then the realisation of another cold winter urged me to make a call. To my Mummy.
You know the rest, don't you?
I fed-exed her the bodged patchwork, wadding, edging, backing........

And like Mummies seem to do, came up trumps.

I am one warm, snuggly, happy, smug-ish.......nattie.

There was no colour theme. I simply chose fabrics I loved, Cath kidston, Liberty, Clarke and Clarke, vintage, french.......they all went in. I suppose I wanted that granny look. The one where, when they made a patchwork, it wasn't to colour co -ordinate, it was to just use what fabrics they had to hand.

The wadding is all natural, the edging came from a friends shop, and the backing was the biggest bargain of £ old duvet cover from a charity shop.

What do you think? 

I think it's perfect for feet up, cup of hot chocolate ( with cream AND marshmallows ) and a film.


P.S If you have not done so already, please hop over to the lovely Jools at SEW SWEET VIOLET she is having THE.BEST.GIVEAWAY..............EVER!!! xxx


  1. It looks perfect, so warm and cosy and just like Granny used to make! I bet you're really chuffed and so lovely that your Mum had a hand in it too, a real joint effort. I have my first ever quilt tucked away in a cupboard - I started it about 2 years ago and it still needs binding. I just didn't know how but I've recently discovered a really easy way to bind quilts so I'm going to have a go very soon. Enjoy snuggling under your fabby blanket! xx

  2. The blanket lovely.Nice to snuggle up by the fire with.

  3. I think it's gorgeous! Well done Mummy and you!

    Claire xx

  4. Love the mix of fabrics and colours - gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. It looks lovely. Just perfect for brightening a dark winter's evening. M x

  6. i do get that flutter in my heart skippy feeling when you post x look at that cozy, toasty, beautiful blanket ;0)xxxx

  7. Its beautiful, well worth the wait I would say! I'm just doing a hexie blanket and I'm secretly ( don't tell anyone will you), delaying finishing the top, because I know I then have to tackle the quilting! Gulp! :)

  8. You are all very, very lovely!!!!!! Thankyou so much for your comment, I will pass them on to my Mum! xxx

  9. Qué bonito me encántan esas telas!

  10. What a beautiful quilt made with love and determination, you must be so proud
    Thea x

  11. Your blanket is really pretty. My Nanny used to always finish off my projects for me if I got stuck (or bored if it was sewing up knitting!) Your Mum and you have done a lovely job and it makes the blanket even more special that your Mum helped to make it too. xxx

  12. Such a gorgeous blanket! you should feel no shame at all ..... a hand sewn quilt front... wow that is something to be proud of x
    ahhhh what would we do without our mums?!
    thanks for the kind mention
    love jooles x

  13. I think you're well deserved to be smug-ish! It looks lovely, Nattie. I still haven't started cutting my "smug" quilt....and I'll be loathed to handstitch it. (I don't have the patience!)

    Put your feet up with a cup of something yummy, snuggle yourself under the quilt and let the smugness wash over you.

    I'll pop over to sew sweet violet! Thank you xx