Wednesday, 7 November 2012

She travelled from afar......x

A birthday has been and gone at the cottage. did big bumblebee grow to be 9?
Of course every little girl deserves a special present. A friend, a pal, to share their most secret secrets with, to whisper long into the night, to cuddle and preen, to gaze at and love....forever.

So along came Talulla doll.
Made perfectly, sprinkled with love, she came from a magical kingdom far far away. She crossed seas and countries she had never seen before.

To get here, her home. To her 9 year old Talulla, to be loved and looked after, and played with and snuggled up with in bed, every. single. day.

After such a long and exhausting journey, Talulla dolly needed to stretch her legs, find herself in her new home.......

She drank green tea from ditsy teacups, ate shortbread and flicked the crumbs to the floor for Sethy dog. She even applied more rouge to her lips, and smartened her hair, ready for the grande meeting with her new best friend.

On 27th October, in a hotel in the Cotswolds, an eager new 9 year old awoke with hair danced in by the fairies, sleep filled eyes,  and a sweet smile upon her face.

There was one present sat on a chair, that she gazed at longingly, wondering what delights lay inside, for she knew this was a special present. Her parents had said so. 

So she slowly but deliberately undid the yellow satin ribbon. She forcefully but carefully opened up the floral wrapping paper at each end.........

Talulla and Talulla dolly have been inseparable ever since. That day though, that 9th birthday day, they skipped, held hands and cuddled their way along the pavements of Broadway, kicking yellow, brown and rusty fallen leaves. They marvelled  in astonishment together, at the beauty of the village Snowshill, and meandered round the country house we stumbled adventure...the first of many together.

Talulla dolly was made by the wonderfully talented and beautiful Tracey over at PIXIE if you are new to her blog, pop her in your favourites. Shes a good giggle, and perfectly poetic writer, has the most cutsie little girl, and a very pretty house. Plus, you might just spy a few of Talulla doll's friends over there.

The birthday girl had a fantastic weekend away for her birthday. I think the child's face must have ached from all the smiling she did that day.

Happy Wednesday to you all xxxx 


  1. such a lovely posting ;0)x...i love the dolly, tracy's so clever!!!!...happy belated birthday wishes to very special girly xx

  2. What a lovely day your eldest had! My biggest will be nine in the new year. It does go so fast!

    Ahhh lovely Tracy and her beautiful dolls. What a lucky little bumblebee.

    P x

  3. Ooh I love Tracy's blog ... what a beautiful doll for a beautiful little girl! xx

  4. Beautiful! Shall be popping over to Tracy's to have a look round.
    Victoria xx

  5. Such a pretty dolly for such a pretty little girl..What a Happy Birthday... Tracy makes wonderful dolls
    Thea x

  6. Happy Birthday to the Birthday girl...I just adore this little special. And handmade...pure joy. Love your sweet blog. Happy weekend.