Monday, 17 January 2011

Gained pom-poms but lost my marbles........x

My big Bumblebee has been pom-pom making with a lovely kit she was given for Christmas...eventually it will be a garland with felted purple birds attached for her bedroom.....a work in progress. She did ever so well.

Mr.Q also came home one day to find the two Bumblebee's sitting on the dining table, with markers in hand! I think he thought thinks I have finally lost my marbles. Well I may have BUT.....the table top has been looking shabby ( and NOT chic ) for some time now, usually it is covered with a gingham cloth. The legs are painted a bright hot glossy pink. It's not an old table, and had too many marks anyway!!!!! So my free-range girls set to it. And I quite like it. It will be added to along the way, we are going for the school desk look......

 And yes, they are in their P.J's too......what about it??????????!
My fav doodle so far? This one.........

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