Thursday, 27 January 2011


This is the view from the computer cupboard this morning. We are all sick, sick, sick again. A sicky bumblebee, a sicky Mr.Q and a sicky Mummy.....and Seth just wants a tummy rub, that's all.

Big bumblebee has escaped the germs so's only a matter of time. She has turned into a budding Violin player, so I am going to show her off, as we have had a few schooly/friend/stuff issues with her lately, and to see her doing so well with something she loves so much warms my heart.

With added supper round her face and everything.............................
My mind is not quite capable of crafting and making, (the sleepless nights have seen to that! ), so I have been revisiting books. And one that has gotten me excited for the springtime is this....

This book is soooo fab, my girly girls LOVE anything in this book, but can you imagine the excitement from ANY boy receiving this as a present, and I know a few that would be thrilled.

So there we are, I think once warmer weather is upon us, we will have a Saturday morning cook out, and  perhaps try our best at some weapons ( you never know in Somerset ) a catapult? Bow and Arrows?Peashooters? Blowpipes? What an adventure we will all have...........x

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  1. hope your all feeling better soon my daughter would love that book
    xx fee