Monday, 31 January 2011

Our weekend x

Another cold frosty day, but look what I found peeping from under a shrub....I do love a snow drop.
A weekend in pictures....less chats today....................

Mr.Q found this wasps nest in a hedge whilst gardening....biggest bumblebee has proudly shrouded it in toilet roll in a cake tin and taken it in to school beaming with pride over her treasure! All in all, we had quite a nature filled weekend spent garden tidying and bird watching for the RSPB's BIG GARDEN BIRDWATCH!
Did you take part???????


  1. Hello Nattie
    We did take part in the birdwatch!

    Thanks for your interest in my patchwork, it takes me about an hour to hand stitch one star block and there are about 60 in all, of course this doesnt include finding suitable fabrics, procrastinating and sewing the whole thing together!

    The great thing though is being able to sew whilst watching tv in the evening or wherever tou may be!

    Clare x

  2. I never heard about the bird watch thing I love the wasps nest better an old one than a new one.What are those seeds ?
    xx fee

  3. Wow think I am going to take the leap into patchworking Claire, feeling utterly inspired!

    The wasps nest had much poking and proding at school by classmates, mostly by boys I think....and is now back on the dresser currently avoiding being chewed by the dogs..hummmm!
    The seeds we have sown are broccoli and sweet peas, have left lots still in the packets in the hope of sewing some more......
    Thanks lovely ladies for your comments!!!!!! Nattie xx