Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter Y'all......................x

I must admit to having had quite a lovely week so far. And now what is that you say? Eastertime?CHOCOLATE? ......Here's the thing.........I LOVE chocolate, it's quite possible I have a problem actually. So I will be eating vast amounts of the stuff, and no apologising about it either. Lifes to short don't you think, to not allow yourself some naughties every now and then?

I also made some hot cross buns today too. My first shot at these...ever. Though I usually like my baking to be quite quick because I either. 1. forget about things in the oven etc and 2. get bored. With these ( recipe on bbc good food website ) I literally breadcrumbed up the flour and butter then whacked everything into my bread maker to cursing the flipping room temperature ( or people opening and closing doors ) cursing the dogs for jumping up and eating the dough ( they do this alot, any food, even cake cases, nothings safe........little tinkers actaully they usually get called something else, not fit for here ) easypeasy..........

....Or you could just go down to the supermarket and grab 2 for
£2....ahhhhh but then, you wouldnt have wonky crosses, or perfectly warm buns drizzled with golden syrup ( putting on my best Marks and Spencers advert voice) sliced and spread with butter...oooooh I say!!!!

Will the Easter bunny be hopping about your garden, leaving chocolate eggs for lucky finders keepers.........
Will you, like me, have chocolate smeared around your chops now until you see sense, or at least until will power kicks in? ( WHAT is that by the way....will power, I'm not sure I've even heard of it before...)
Here the Q's will be spending Easter Sunday gobbling chocolate, drinking tea, depending on weather playing board games/dog walking/bike riding, eating yorkshire puds...........and feeling full.

Wishing you all a wonderful day...Happy Easter.....enjoy, be happy, eat chocolate........over and out.



  1. Happy your chicks!

  2. oooh I say they look delicious! We are hunting for crackers in the garden as I 'accidentally' ate the eggs and forgot to buy more (slack mother!) Happy Easter to you and yours xx

  3. MMmmm your hot cross bun looks lovely. I promised Little Son I'd make some for the first time this year but I'm ashamed to say I haven't followed through (naughty Mumu!) I find yeast baking a challenge because of the time lag involved. I need to be better organised for it. Enjoy your chocolate. Lily. xxx

  4. I'm so impressed with your buns. I've never got anywhere near attempting them!
    We've got some feathery surprises in store for tomorrow!!!

  5. Funny, my friend was making hot cross buns in her bread maker yesterday and I was thinking it was rather genius....I must look it up. We have a family hunt tomorrow at in-laws which is always lots of food then lots of chocolate. In fact among some of the things I'm taking with us, there will be your cheese muffins.

    Enjoy your Easter and your chocolate...will power....phah!

  6. Happy Easter! So lovely photos!

  7. Happy Easter ~ I hope you have a very lovely weekend. I haven't made hot cross buns myself but my Mum made a batch in her bread machine a few days ago and they were delicious. Love the photo of the little chicks peeking out from the dish! :O)

  8. Oh my GOODNESS!!! I've just discovered your blog, and it's gone straight onto my mental 'favourite 10' list!!! I'm so excited! :-)
    I knew from your banner that I was going to love it here!!! I love your dear little creature and her red gingham frock!
    Your Easter photos are gorgeous! Your Easter tree is lovely, and your glass of little fluffy chicks is super-cute!
    Looking forward to my next visit.....

  9. such a lovely posting!!!!! catching up on easter posts since my week away, going to sit with a coffee and have a read through xx

    happy easter xx

  10. Mmmm... totally fancy a homemade hot cross bun now... (even though I'm still stuffed from Easter lunch and way too much chocolate! ha!)

    Hope you are having a wonderful Easter weekend,

    Louise xx