Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Plant pot sponging......x

Firstly thank you so much for all your lovely words of wisdom r.e big bumblebee's trip. Update....she's on her way home, and I might just pop with excitement!

Secondly today, what does one do on a rainy day? WHY Get the paint brushes out and change a plant pot, that's what, tis obvious non?

You Need:
One faded plant pot.
Two paint colours. ( I used some old Annie Sloan and Farrow and Ball )
An old sponge.

Paint pot in desired background colour. I used my Annie Sloan white, as no prep needed....

Two good coats will do it. Meanwhile cut out a circle ( I used a prit stik lid as a template ) from an old sponge...try to make it as neat as possible. 

Using your next paint colour dip your circle of sponge, and add in a random fashion to your pot.....easy?


One cheerful plant pot, especially on rainy days like these.xxxxx


  1. loving the plant pot- bright, cheery and spotty- perfecto!!!! the snippet of your doggy on the beautiful sofa...your home is dreammy-licious xxxx

  2. Love the planter and what a cool table you all the doodles!

  3. Great job on the pot, so pretty! also I spy the CK wallpaper that is the same as my kitchen walls :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. great way to spend such a drab day x

  5. What difference it made, really nice pot, shows a lot of your creatvity.

  6. How lovely it t urned out to be. Well done! xx

  7. Hello , ooh it's lovely, nice to see your dog admiring it too!

    Bertie x

  8. Very pretty! Well done you!!!
    I wish were in need of a few less rainy day activities, though! I'm crossing my fingers for a little bit of sunshine.....