Monday, 16 April 2012

So far....just lately......x

OOh I just have to tell you that as I type, I can smell cheese muffins baking on the oven....( you can find the recipe for them below the blog "recipes"! )....such a lovely waft.....I thought I'd be super mummy....and bake them for the lunch boxes this week........pat on the back for me.......though by the end of the week, normal bedraggled mummy will resume, clothes might be worn inside out, and hair definitely won't be brushed . ( Me not the children .)

So I'm not quite ready to let go of the hanging Easter decorations, how do we feel about this? I think I probably need to go shopping for something less Eastery to hang on my branches still????  Things have been quite busy, and there's not been much time for any making or doing....which I feel quite sad about, hence perhaps why I want to keep the decorations up! You see I've been doing bits of work, which I hope to continue and up the hours on it too.....but how do we do the balance thing, can someone please tell me the secret?????

I feel like I still need to have a few projects on the go, but by the evening I am shattered.......though to keep mildly sane, making and doing is a must....hummmmmm..... shall I always be pondering this??!!!!

Anyway I am happy to announce that this morning I have had time to faff, change about, bake and stuffs and tings........Including taking pictures of our ( the ladies of the house ) new obsession....paper chains....

We love them..........notice they're all in the bumblebee's room because Q would be a bear with a sore head if they invaded the rest of the house....and I'm sure they keep making little baby paper chains and multiply over night.

And would you look at that!!!!! The produce sign has been out about 20 minutes and some eggs have sold already! ( there were lots in there I assure you.......) made goes to the bumblebee's piggy banks ( Q thinks it's to pay for the chicken food, way,not with my girls around hehe)......

So happy Monday, happy back to school week, and happy ooooh there's blossom still on the tree's day...



  1. Happy Monday. Cheese muffins yum! Will have to make. Just of to pick my eldest bee from pre-school. The sun is out. All is good! x

  2. the honor system at work with the eggs thats wonderful.....your day sounds so wonderful.....i would like to join you for a cheese muffin!

  3. Your eggs are very cheap £1.50 is the cheapest round here! Love the paper chains, I made some out of fabric once, they were so fun .....where did they go? Have fun being a perfect mother x

  4. love your girlies bedroom! wowza! lucky! lucky! lucky!- wish they made bedrooms like that for adults to jump on heheheheehee...x Those forget-me-nots are soooooo fantastic they look so beautiful...they have over taken half my park and look fab!...think i need to have a walk about with my camera this week before all the bluebells get washed away!.
    Myself and my mum had blueberry muffins on sunday while sophia was roller skating!...i forgot how yummmy-scrumptious they are! xx p.s i want to own your home its the stuff of dreams!!!! x

  5. I love paper chains too. Little Son won't take some of the CHristmas ones down - hope we don't get goblins!

  6. I love your pictures can I come and live with you......?
    Those paper chains are so lovely.
    Your eggs are a nice price, they are £1.50 here!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. Cheese muffins sound so good! Makes me want to run into the kitchen and make some . . . . almost. And wearing clothes inside out is okay, but try not to wear underwear on the outside -- that could be bad ^v^.
    Charming photos -- love your blue rosie wallpaper!
    Blessed week to you,

  8. Yay are all welcome round for afternoon tea with cheese muffins........You all make me so happy when I read your comments, thank you so so much xxx
    Nattie xxxxxx

  9. What lovely photos! The paper chains are very cute. I have some CK ones in my sewing room/Simon's magic room (he's not as in love with the paper chains as I am, I have to say). ;-)
    I am also reluctant to take down the Easter decorations. I think we can get away with a few more weeks, can't we? We can say they're 'spring' decorations....???

  10. Love your little egg stall. Those hens better get laying sharpish!

  11. How lovely!
    I would love to know where you got that amazing blue floral wallpaper?
    I hope you sell lots of eggs

    Best wishes


  12. Just came back to admire your lovely spring pictures once again and let you know,

    I nominated your blog for a Leibster award. Just a bit of reader building fun!

    Safia x

  13. We used to make paper chains to count down the days to Christmas every year! Now I want to make some just to decorate the kids' rooms... And oh! That canopy over your little girl's bed: that was my girlhood fantasy, to fall asleep under one of those!

  14. How lovely to sell your eggs with an 'honesty' jar.
    The cottage up the road from me does this, eggs, apples and occasionally veg...such an idylic idea.

    Fleur xx ( your blue floral wallpaper)

  15. I just loved looking through the photo's in this post... So much pretty-ness to drool over! The paper chains are a great idea, they look so cheery! Maybe more paper chains are in order to compensate taking down Easter decs??

    Happy Sunday to you xx