Sunday, 1 April 2012

It's time......................................x

It's been a while, and truth be told, I've missed blogging this last week or more. A busy few weeks took over, and I'm afraid to say it, but I seem to be the only female on the planet that can't juggle very well..............

So, sigh, I'm going to take the Easter holidays to re group my thoughts,  direct my attention to the bumblebees,  discover some new inspirations, and take a break....stop.......and be.

I think this must be how most of us feel from time to time. But it's good. It's good to take time away from the normal things to you, and come back fresh, new, happy and inspired.

I will pop in ( I know I can't stay away too long....I'd miss you all terribly! ) and share soon though.

Ho hummmmmmm..........there is one thing on my mind. Windows. THE bedroom window. Stripped, sanded, undercoated, painted, puttied, pheeeeeeew it's tiring ( for Q at least ha!  )......7 more to go.  But once I spy the Vert de terre (paint ) going on....................oooooh I do get excited, I really do. I love green. I heart you green, greeny green, you are my most bestest, most favourite colour in the whole entire are, you know it.

Enjoy your Easter hols lovelies.......I hope the sun shines, and the chocolate lasts.



  1. Enjoy your break with the bumblebees, but don't make it too long!
    I love green too. Even the kids I teach have started to comment on my green wardrobe!!!

  2. I couldn't juggle either! have a lovely Easter Break x

  3. Well if you ever discover the secret of juggling do pass it on, it's how life gets sometimes as you say!
    Hope you and little ones have a fabulous Easter.
    Lisa x

  4. I have yet to master the art of juggling - keep trying though! Enjoy the Easter break and have lots of fun with your babes xxx

  5. I hope you have a lovely Easter break, juggling is a thing that us mortals cannot master too well from time to time. I am in a losing battle trying to get the hangs of it right now.

  6. No, you are not the only woman on the planet that doesn't juggle well. I'm with you there - multi tasking is not my forte.
    I believe it's the passion we put in each task and we cannot move on to another one without it.
    Enjoy the Easter hols.

  7. I'm so rubbish at having a lot on my plate. Normally as soon as I am busy, I stop...and become very inactive, not saying you are like that, only me!

    Hope you enjoy your break with your littlies, the sunshine (I hope!), the chocolate and all things good! Faithx

  8. I can't juggle either! So it would appear you are perfectly normal!
    Have fun with your bumblebees!!!

  9. Happy Easter to you and your lovely family!

  10. That is THE MOST GORGEOUS family photo... X