Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Weekly treasures and midnight wanderings .......x

My loves this week are my treasures. I found some really sweet things in a charity shop, of course I went looking for things I did not find, but it is always nice to find the unexpected.
My bumblebee's are real bookworms, which works for me. I have always loved words, and storytelling.
And charity shops/tabletop sales are the best way to find them new books that don't cost too much......

The modern books were 30p!!! Anderson was £1 but Grimm's was a whopping £3, can you believe it???!!! But I had to have it, the girls will love it's scary tales I am sure of it.

But there are two things I am consumed with this week. To the point that sleeping ( a re-occurring theme )  is not an option. Many a night I spend wandering and concocting..........perhaps to some it is mindless and meaningless, but if I could not think about crafting and making it would drive me more bonkers. I know I am not alone in this?????!!
Feeling completely inspired by Claire over at SUMMERFETE X  I have decided to have a go at a patchwork, which has been festering in the back of my mind for a while now. So when I saw these old pillow cases on my charity shopping spree......

I knew it would be enough to get started. I want to use all vintage pieces for my quilt and think these are perfect. I also am going to be cutting up the bumblebee's old clothes at some point to make them each a special quilt of memories. All those clothes our kiddies get through, and some I cannot even imagine passing on, so a couple of quilts for ME ( not the girls, don't be silly! ) is the answer!
So the second thing is xxxxx  VALENTINE'S DAY xxxxx  as we are on a budget this year, I want to create a valentines display and make it perfect for Mr.Q.....I have also said the bumblebee's can invite one friend over each after school for a valentines tea. I have a few ideas doodled down and can't wait to get started.

T.T.F.N friends x

P.S This is NO joke! I have been running since Christmas in ready for a local charity run...HEEEEEELP!!! Jelly legs! x

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  1. Once you start patchwork - you'll be hooked - I love it doing patchwork. I can understand why you bought those books - I would have snapped them up too!