Monday, 10 October 2011

Colourful corners of my home # 1

It's the Q's birthday tomorrow. No matter how big or small a birthday, it must be celebrated I think. He will have a cake ( undecided yet as to what sort......traditional, or a hummingbird bakery creation?)....bunting, balloons, and a birthday dinner. You know that naughty Q went a bought himself a new bike a few weeks ago as his present, so I have no wrapping to do, though the bumblebee's always make something, but shhh I can't tell you what 'cos he might well be reading today.

Birthday bashes aside........I thought this week I might show a few pictures from the home. I don't want to bombard you with images of florals, red, greens and pinks in one post, so I will write a few posts throughout the week.

My green fingered mother in -law picked some flowers from her garden for me......ummmm......why oh bloomin why can't I have flowers like this in my OCTOBER???!!! I'm thinking of grabbing her and making her live in the shed in the garden, if your lucky, I might hire her out....interested?

P.S........thank's for putting up with my rants, and all your comments, sorry if I have been a bit rubbish in visiting you.......I will get there there eventually.



  1. I love your home. So many little touches and iny details. The lamp with the buttons is so cute. xxx

  2. What a kind mother in law you have.
    Love the owls!
    Lisa x

  3. What a pretty home. I really, really love the house picture by the lamp, it is so cheerful. The owl mobile is brill, I'd like to make something like that too. Sam x

  4. Yes, I want to put in a request for the mother in law! I'll have her on a Thursday please!!
    Seriously, your home looks lovely - stylish but homely.
    Happy Birthday to Q.

  5. wish I had all those pretty flowers in my garden too its all looking a bit dismal here
    xx fee