Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Colourful corners of my home # 2....x

 October is our birthday bonanza month.....Q's was the 3rd birthday so far..and there's a few more to I keep watering that money tree in the back garden.

.Mr.Q had a super birthday thank you, with fish and chips and carrot cake. We know how to roll.......

I love my home.  

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful” - William Morris.

So true.

Clutter, nick-nacks, colour, worn, stratched, second hand....some peoples idea of a nightmare. But my childhood and my perfect place.

Somethings I just find hard to get rid of. I do love a good clear out, and I think no matter what size our house would be, I could always fill it up...........

Honestly, Sethy dog is snoring SOOOOOOO loudly in the armchair, I'm struggling to gather words and thoughts today......SHUTTTTT UPPP!!! Bless, the doggy sleepy whimpering and leg jolting is going on.......must be a good afternoon nap eh?



  1. Ooo I do so love your colourful cosy home too. Love your dresser. So want one myself but at the mo no room! If only I didnt need such a big fridge.................... lol.

    Sounds like your Mr. Had a great birthday. Time spent with family is always a good day.

    MBB x

    p.s. I'll swap you one houdini rabbit for one noisy hound!? ;0)

  2. Your home looks lovely, really pretty and properly lived in. M x

  3. I am loving seeing these colourful snippets of your fab home.
    Lisa x

  4. Some very pretty corners!!

    It is our celebration (hard up) month too!! Hubbys birthday 4th, our anniversary 5th and my birthday on 16th!

  5. Such a cosy, welcoming, home you the little patchwork curtain and the beaded lampshade, well love it all really :-) x

  6. Bonito,me gusta todo mucho,saludos.

  7. You have a really lovely home, lots of pretty little bits and bobs. Just my cup of tea :-) xxx

  8. Lovely photos your home is so pretty you have worked really hard on it .love the panelling in the bathroom and that lamp is it an original 1920's one?
    xx fee

  9. Beautiful!!! The My Little Pony brings back memories!! I used to love them!!!!

  10. Ahhh I love your home too :)
    ...SO colourful and homely and full of personality!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Louise xx