Monday, 24 October 2011

This Monday..................

In the full swing of the the half term here at the's great.
And getting ready for another birthday. This time biggest bumblebee. She's 8 soon.......crazy. I mean, how can it only be 8 years I have spent with this lovely girl, loved her, cuddled her, watched her playing, chatted with her....yet.....I feel how can I be a mother of an 8 year old?..........

My funny fantastic girls and I spent this afternoon making treat for a few friends ( mummies and kiddies ) that are coming round tomorrow to help celebrate these 8 years so far.

Am feeling a little bit emotional right see we've had ups and downs with our big wise. I know I've said it before, and I'll say it again. But she's special...we are lucky, so lucky to have her. There are moments as parent we all feel that rise in our throats, prickles in our eyes when you just have such a rush of emotions for our little ones.....Birthdays...ALWAYS emotional, Christmas plays, always blubbering, parents evening.....trying so hard not to look like a grinning cheshire cat foooool.

WHAAAAT am I going to be like when my girls turn 16, 18, 21 ...get married?????? Wooo slow down there Mrs.Q..........that will never happen, you see my girls WONT grow up and will live with me forever....there.

I'm quite in love........................with Mr.Q obvs.....but with this song...WHY have I not heard of this lady before?

Sending happy thoughts your way, from a windswept, rainy, stormy Somerset to you all.xxxxx


  1. what a sweet post and yes I know what you mean our oldest is 16 and he got a brochure in the mail today on sad its 2 years away only! then we have our middle who is 12 and then the princess thats 7....oh it does go by fast!

  2. lovely, special and precious post- i wish they didnt grow up...i will feel lost and really appreciate this special time, family time ;0)x
    i over heared a mum on friday saying she couldnt wait to start her new job cos the kids drive her crazzy...i was thinking how much i love having my girly home with me- i couldnt imagine ever thinking that...thankful for this half term ;0)

  3. what a lovely post, and totally agree, my daughter is now 16! i still blubber much to my childrens shame. worse i sometimes blubber at their friends....well i know them well and am fond of them! love the sweets xx

  4. Beautiful post! I hope you all have an amazing half term full of birthday celebrations! I'm in total denial about them growing up too, my daughter's staying this age forever!hehe! Mother daughter love is the best. So many mum's at the school moan about the holidays and how they can't wait for them to be over, they'll regret having that attitude one day!
    Love to you and your family x

  5. I love your pics. I seriously can't imagine my littlely being 8. She is almost 3 and is changing so much already, singing songs for me and my friends, becoming cheekier, but very funny.
    It is such a big love, sometimes painful because we love them so much and fear for them. They give us so much joy too. You sound like a super cute Mum,xxx