Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Doing....................doing......doing...........I have been doing costumes. For the bumblebee's for a fancydress partaaaay after school on Friday.

Quite often I leave things to the last minute. A normal person would just mooch over to matalan, asda, where ever and grab an outfit.

No not me. I decide to make unicorn know, like you do.

I'm about half way, am I freaking out yet? Nahhhh, I'll do that Friday far so good, the girls are pleased, and wore the manes and tails before tea last night, pawing the floor with their feet hooves, skipping about the cottage neighing etc...

How cute is my big bumblebee? She picked some flowers from the garden, and put them here for her.

This post actually is becoming more and more about big bumblebee....she has been learning to knit. That girls crazy for it. A few rows in ( many, MANY stitches have been lost forever in the knitting heaven, had they not been lost, she could have made a scarf by now ....patience ).....

I think she's doing rather well for a nearly 8 year old.......Infact, she's showing me up I'd say.



  1. A unicorn who knits and gifts flowers ... sounds pretty special to me :D

  2. You are good making unicorn outfits im affraid I only once made my daughter a fancy dress outfit stressed so much that never again.Your big bumblebee sounds so thoughtfull bringing you flowers in.Love Jill xx

  3. Hope the unicorns behave and the costumes turn out all fine and dandy, I'm sure they will!
    Well done to your daughter on hr newly acquired knitting skills.
    Lisa x

  4. Ahhhh what a clever big bumblebee :o)
    and good luck with those unicorn outfits!
    love jooles x