Monday, 17 October 2011

Nice things and welcoming new friends...x

We had a lucky weekend here.

Firstly the bumblebee's had a little friend over to play most of Saturday. And it was one of those play dates that makes you think, we should do this more often. Three was certainly NOT a crowd. There were giggles and music, board games and biscuits so often goes the other way!....

Secondly, we don't have a huge success rate with freecycle. Have you used it yet? If not you basically log on, type in your area, and you get emailed by other people with things they want to get rid of...for FREE!!
So this weekend, Mr.Q picked up a dishwater ( super clean I might add ) and driveway gravel. We don't have any spare pennies at the moment to buy either of these things ourselves, so to have them for fweeeee........ woo hoo.

Thirdly, we picked up some new chicks from some friends...they are oh so cute...we love them and their soft feathers already.

My bestest has named the big brown one Cordelia, and little bumblebee has named a golden one Saskia....I was told what sorts they all were, but I get confused, so they are just the brown one, the golden ones, the black one, and the white ones.....7 in total.

Our old chicken girls were ever so put out...and have been placed in the run for naughty girls. Bullying and pulling out baby feathers is not tolerated.......what shall I do with them???

I am also still, in birthday mode.......big bumblebee is 8 in a few weeks ( I can't believe this, I have an 8 year heart aches watching them grow, please stay little forever...please ), and although we are away for her birthday, she's still having a few pals round for tea......

So I have quickly been running up a few going home presents from the leftover fabric used for the aprons I made here ..........

To be filled with sweeties.............................................

B.T.W I have unicorns on the brain.......all will be revealed, but I'm thinking about unicorns horns.....hoo hummmmm........


  1. such a lovely post- the chucks look so at home ;0)
    love the lanterns - soooo beautiful x
    sounds like the bumblebees had lotsa fun hehe ;0)

  2. Oooh what a good and lucky thing a dishwasher and gravel. I have yet to use freecycle but must one day.

    Love the pretty hangys in the first picture. Ooo your chickens are so cute. Ah i do know a thing or two about bossy bullying animals. The bunnies have had to be seperated as one brother was bullying the other. The bullied one seems happy now on his own but the other not so much. Poor things.

    What sweet little bags you have made. Lucky little girls. I am intrigued about the unicorns. I do like a good unicorn horns and all......

    MBB x

  3. Love the floral lanterns, just so pretty. The fabric bags are a lovely touch, so much nicer than a plastic bag!
    Hope the new chicks settle right on in.
    Lisa x

  4. Very pretty lanterns and little bags,hope the chucks settle in soon and the others behave them selves.Love Jill xx

  5. love those home-made goodie bags that is so creative and I ma sure all your girls will get a long together soon
    well done on finding those things on free cycle your drive looks lovely
    xx fee

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