Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas cookie presents....................x

I'm thinking all parents across the land, and others that are far far away and all in unison this week.
The last week of term in a toughie, but I know it's the best week of the bumblebee's school calender. What with panto's, plays, parties, playdates ( not everything has begun with a "P" though, we've made decorations, and sung carols, wrapped gifts...I said "gifts" not presents ).......
Today is the Christmas party, and I dutifully dropped off some food this morning after school drop off, ok........I could have done better. Mummies with arms laden full of sweetly iced cupcakes, marshmallow snowmen, perfectly decorated homemade biscuits. I had swiftly made some swirly puff pastry ( yup from the shop ) pizzas, and plonked some mini carrots on a festive paper plate. You'd better believe it....

Yummy mummies 1
Nattie                  0

But listen, I have a saving grace. No one else bought in handmade gift for their teachers this morning did they?!!!!
I've been wanting to do this idea for yonks, and it was when I saw a really nice recipe in the Jamie Oliver mag, that I thought, ok this is it, the recipe to do this with.

Honestly, the BEST fun with the bumblebee's I've had making a present. ( and the dog's liked the fallen oats on the floor too )

If you click on the picture you might be able to read the ingredients!

Kilner jars.....£1.99 at a local shop.
Ingredients....£2.00 ( as I included a cinnamon stick and a vanilla pod too )

We made 4 jars worth, and still had enough ingredients to make a batch for ourselves!

P.S.....I had to half the quantities of the recipe to fit in my jars!

I took a super wonderful delivery the other day. From the fantastic ACORN AND WILL ...........I felt the bumblebee's NEEDED some reindeer brooches for added seasonal kitch!!!! There may have been a bird that flew into the order too...for a special pal...hehe.

Aren't they sooo lovely? The reindeer have adorned the girls cardigans for the party today.......awwww think I want one now, how on earth did I managed not to buy myself one?????????

Any whooooooo....must fly..........xxxxx


  1. Nattie, I love you! I've just had my first morning off work for what feels like an age and spent it traipsing round the shops looking for teacher presents. Of course I came home empty handed! I had in mind mulled wine kits in a nice handmade bottle bag. I've done them before but seriously running out of time now and was becoming a pricey idea with all those bottles of wine. I'm straight off to get jars now and the jammers can make them tonight - even easier!
    And I didn't know A&W did reindeer so thqanks for that too!

  2. Eeek this might make you feel better, I didn't give the girls anything to take into their parties! They usually have a list outside their classrooms but it disappeared with eldests and only appeared yesterday afternoon! I never saw youngests to be honest! Oh well maybe next year.

    I love your teachers gifts such a lovely idea.

    MBB x

  3. I always bake sugar cookies and decorate them....I love those little trinkets at the end they are so cute!
    I love your cookie in a jar present!

  4. Your jar looks fab, I was thinking of doing something like this for some little people in my family. I have seen loads on Pinterest but all the recipes are American weights, so thank you!!
    Also, love the brooches..Acorn and Will stuff is soo lovely xx

  5. A lovely idea - my children are too old and the grandchildren are too young but I do need a few odd presents for other people so thank you for the lovely idea. I'm going to use the idea for adult friends!
    Julie xxxxxxxx