Friday, 23 December 2011

The Countdown #5.......x

Waaaaaaa!!!! So nearly there!!!!!!!! I have butterflies in my tummy, or perhaps they are dancing reindeer.....

Everythings ready, Q is on his way home from work, the Bumblebee's keep doing little Christmas drawings, their little interpretations of gingerbread houses, sleighs, and winter wonderlands....

This week we have gathered with many friends, and talk always turns to how you do Christmas, what time you all wake up, what you've bought one another and so on........

Tis Christmas fever...........I tell you...

Can I say, this must be a year of firsts for me, first Christmas cake bake, and a fist Yule log bake........I used some blackberry jam we made back in Sept and mixed it in with the cream filling........twas yummo!

Ooooh I must sort out some sparkly reindeer food.......



  1. ohhhh woweeeee how wonderful- your home looks festively perfect xxxxx merry christmas xxxx

  2. I tell you theres nothing like the hustle and bustle although my kids are starting to fight a little at the end now!!
    Your log looks divine!!
    Have a blessed Christmas!

  3. Mmm, your last few posts have made me feel hungry!
    Your house is looking fab and I love the tree in the bin. I never know quite what to stand them in.
    Merry Christmas to you all.

  4. Im a big fan of christmas i love it all ,were all ready here at our house and very excited ,hope you have a lovely one xx

  5. Hope you and your family have a great one!!

    Our sparkly reindeer food is already out!

  6. Ha ha... we had some 'reindeer food' out this year that one of our boys had made at Beavers, rather that the usual carrot!!
    Your Yule log looks totally does the rest of your house in fact!!

    Hope you had a magical Christmas and my best wishes to you for the new year xxx

  7. Hello, just me again! :)

    Just to let you know I have passed on a blog award to you and your gorgeous blog!! (take a peek at my place to see)

    Louise xx

  8. hello
    what a lovely blog.your cake looks delicious and makes my mouth watering!!
    i hope you had a wondeful christmas,best wishes for the new year!