Monday, 5 December 2011

New knit loves.....x

This is the Mrs.Weasley cardigan I was telling you about....I.....HEART.....IT................I might pop some different buttons on it, wooden perhaps ( sorry mother, no offence I just like a wooden button )....
The face has been cover by the camera today...why? Because I look crap and make no apologies for that. I've no make up on , umm think I brushed my hair three days ago....that's how I am this week...It's nice not to care...but poor Mr.Q!!

My, how our bunny family have grown....from one pair of bunny slippers to three!!!! Soooo cuuute!!!! Good old Granna came to the rescue of the bumblebee's, knitted another two pair for them ( this was no easy task as the pattern we used was only for adults found here )...we are hippity hoppity bouncing with joy for them.....

They are cheeky little bunnies, hopping about the Christmas tree as I type today........

The bumblebee's are yet to see them finished with ears, eyes, and noses on........" mummy when we come home from school later, the bunnies might be finished "....." we'll see " ( I seem to say this alot, it's a great mummy saying, like a get out of jail free card )

Sorry about the ranting bunny love. They were just tooo precious not to share with you all.
Please have a look at all the scrumptious knitting patterns on offer over at TINY OWL KNITS if you haven't done so already.

Tis all about the knit today.

Happy Monday xxxx


  1. Beautiful! I love the slippers. I love your cardi. I love your wallpaper and beautiful house. I haven't worn makeup recently either. It is nice to have a rest from all that palava sometimes. xxx

  2. The bunnies are so gorgeous! I want a pair! I love how they are lined up x

  3. soooooo cute and your home looks beautifully festive- such a lovely post sweetie xxxx p.s love the woolly knit too xx

  4. Love the sweater and the cute dress underneath.....and those bunnies!!!!!

  5. Oh I am so jealous of those slippers. I loved them last time you photographed them being silly. Now they've bred and I love them even more! Oh if only I could knit.

  6. Hi,love your bunnies and your cardi wooden buttons will look so nice.Your wallpaper is so pretty.Love Jill xx

  7. I'm in love with your bunnie slippers!!!!!! They're so cute.......
    Just found your blog, it's great!!
    X Sacha (maarnietvangrijs)