Monday, 12 December 2011

sweet traditions..........x

While the windows shake and rattle, the wind blows down the chimney, and I try not to think about our sweet little cottage being swept up in the storm outside (  in a Dorothy and Kansas way.......I wonder if I'll see my naughty neighbour riding frantically in the wind on her bike???! )....

I wanted to share with you a little village tradition.

A Posada to be precise.

Each year, at the beginning of December, the local church sends a Mary, donkey and Joseph statue off on their way. They spend a night at each house ( that wishes to take part )....and on Christmas eve, the last family bring the figures to the service, where they are placed in the cattle shed, with all the other figures in turn.

This afternoon, some pals delivered the Posada to us, in it's wicker basket, complete with special prayer.

So sweet, so cute. The bumblebee's really enjoy this little ritual we have stumbled upon.

So we say our prayer, and off to bed they hop. Because, my goodness, it's going to be a busy last week of school for them, and my lovely sleeping beauties need their sleep.


A prayer to welcome figures into our home.
Eternal God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You are always present in our home, unseen and often not acknowledged.

help us to experience the joy of looking forward this Advent, and make it a time of new beginnings. We welcome these figures from the nativity and pray that you will bless this house and all who live here.



You you have any traditions where you live? x


  1. Oh I love a tradition and ESPECIALLY a village one. Our little village (all the way down here in Australia though) has a big Christmas Eve celebration at the pub with all the village coming together for a drink and a natter and then Santa arrives on a horse drawn carriage with white ponies! The kids love it and all get a little present. I can't wait for it this year!

  2. Such a lovely tradition. We have a weird type of play that goes around the country pubs called Mumming - it's all a bit dark and mysterious.

    Love your decorations.

    Sam x

  3. oh my!! what a stormy night- my little metal gate was banging all night and wouldnt shut...the wind was whistling through the back door and the rain hammered on the windows...i lay there thinking 'what a night'...i love your village tradition for christmas- that really is special ;0)x
    your home looks warm and cosy a perfect place to be...x

  4. What a lovely idea with the little Nativity.
    Julie xxxxxx

  5. This is the sweetest post ever. We don't have many traditions around here (not that I'm aware of anyway, I'm not sure if you know about a lot of these types of things if you don't have small folk) but where I grew up they had lots of lovely traditions. I really miss them.

  6. I've not been in Blogland for a couple of weeks and so have just caught up with all your posts. I hope and you and your little ones are now all germ free and feeling brighter.
    I love the pom poms and will definitely be giving them a go very soon.
    Lisa x