Friday, 17 February 2012

I have a book you must buy........x

When the big bumblebee announced she wanted to make something. I knew exactly where she should look. Before half term I invested in a children's craft book, which is quite wonderful. GREEN CRAFTS FOR CHILDREN BY EMMA HARDY  is such a great buy. I can't recommend it enough for children 7yrs or over.........

She set her sights on a dog..............and off round the cottage she went, finding buttons, fabrics and an old long sock of mine which had a hole in ( darned for the dog )........

She filled her long sock ( or use one leg from a pair of thick tights ) with some old cut up clothes and fabrics we had.....

She added some gloves she had grown out of ( or so she said ) 


She's 8 and was quite capable of getting on and doing it all by herself, in a big girl kinda way. I'm so pleased my bumblebee's enjoy doing and making, what on earth would we do otherwise?????!
Mornings like this are soooo up my street. No rushing about for this or that. Nothing in particular planned. hair unbrushed, no make up on, just me and my girls doing stuff.

We plan on making many a make from the book, I particularly love the felt necklaces featured on the front cover...super easy and I think even little bumblebee will cope with that ( she's 5 )......

So right now? I have cakes cooling on the side, ready to be iced and taken to a friends for afternoon tea later. The dogs are snoring on the sofa, bumblebee's are playing marbles,  and I'm going to catch up with some blogs I think.

Where oh where did this half term go I ask you????? Back to business next week, but right now, I'm as happy as can be....pootling.


  1. Awe that is fantastic! Her dog looks very cute! Hope you've had a great half term! xx

  2. Thanks for the tip! I struggle with craft books for kids. Getting that balance right of them being able to do it themselves, ending up with something that looks half decent and not made by an adult can be tricky.
    Still 2 days left, well 2 and a half actually. I have to keep reminding myself!

  3. I'll have to get that book, my little rotter would love to make things from it.

    Your Bumblebees dog turned out brilliantly.

    Half term has gone far too quickly. I feel quite sad about it. Though less sad at Cbeebies being on every telly I walk past!

  4. What a lovely little dog ~ she did a very good job! I work in a library and had just taken the exact book of the shelf this morning to take home with me before I logged in to read my blog list ~ Spooky!! :O)x

  5. It looks like a fantastic book to own when you have little ones that love to craft. It is hard finding crafts for younger ones to do. I find it with my two who are eight and five.

    Painting seems to of been the prefered choice today. And this half term has just flown by! I shall miss having my two little bears home next week. Ahh well it will soon be easter hols!

    Hope you all have a fab weekend.

    MBB x

  6. awwwwwww fantastic! i love sausage doggy!- he looks better than the books picture!...looks a great book!...enjoy your weekend xx

  7. What a lovely book and a lovely new dog you now have!
    Well done Big Bumblebee.
    Lisa x

  8. I do love her doggy, she has gone to bed with it tucked in all snuggly.....she was ever so pleased when I told her all of your comments about it! Happy weekend everyone!
    Nattie xxxxxxx

  9. Hey, I've just awarded you the liebster blog award on my blog! xxx

  10. awww what a gorgeous doggy!
    so cute
    love jooles x