Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New post, new floor..................x

Or old floor, as it goes.

This morning I set myself a mission. To get rid of the horrible velcro-like ( cos everything sticks to it ) carpet. The carpet in question is , at first appearance unassuming. Reliable even. Practical absolutely. Plain and calm almost. But under this ordinary exterior lied a monster. This bloomin carpet has made me cross on many occasion. For the life of me, I can never EVER clean it properly. Everything gets stuck to it, like my hair in the Q's beard. I had quite honestly had enough of it snarling and smirking at me.


And go it did, my goodness it gave a good fight...........but I am feeling victorious and smug. Because underneath ( albeit a little woodwormy ) was a jewel of a floor. Why cover up this beauty?

I admit I got a little carried away and started on the bedroom carpet. I gave up half way through. The Q will be enlisted on the weekend for the great carpet battle. And I can't show you the floor in the bedroom just yet, as I want a before and after ( though the boards are sound, they need a little colour to their pale selves )....

I'm sure you have better things to read about than a whole post about carpets. Sorry about that. But I got ever so excited...........

Hope all the mummies are enjoying their half terms, lets hope the second half of the week goes by at snail pace. I enjoy my morning lazy lay-in..............hehe.



  1. Such a beauty of a floor! The only thing that would suit is a beautiful rug, but not too large so you still have the essence of the wonderful floorboards.

  2. Wow, what a find! I wonder why it was covered up? I remember about 15 years ago lifting the carpet in an old house we had and finding a mish mash of flooring - wide boards, narrow boards, chipboard and industrial sized baked bean cans hammered flat! Needless to say we started from scratch and laid 'new' old boards in that room.
    Enjoy the rest of your week. I know exactly what you mean about snail's pace!!

  3. Me gusta la madera es tán acogedora,sin duda el cámbio es bueno.Saludos de Sara

  4. good work! and what a fab floor.
    enjoy the rest of the week
    love jooles x

  5. Indeed what amazing floors laid beneath your carpet....

  6. I can understand why you are excited about that floor! What a find. Look forward to your before and after pics!

    What a pretty crochet blanket just gorgeous.

    I fear this week is going far too fast. Another busy day tomorrow doing nice things. Think might need to slow down a bit on Friday.

    Hope you have a lovely rest of the week with your bumble bees.

    MBB x

  7. ...loving your home! everytime you show piccys i swoon ;0)...hope it does go slowwww your half term and its full of fun!...but then again i have to share part of this half term with sophia's dad. So well, our last day being lazy today as tonight she 'll be off for two! hehe...least she gets excited about packing her little bag to go and i always put a little treat inside from me ;0)
    Last time she gave me Lola to cuddle so it remind me of her - bless ;0)
    I must get crafty and arty and tidy too while she's away!...enjoy your time with your sweet girls x

  8. Why would you cover up such a beautiful wood floor! I love it! Well done on tackling your demon! xxx

  9. I have just popped over using the link from Bobo Bun - I'm so glad I have found your site - its full of inspiration.