Tuesday, 21 February 2012

two things.......x

Here at the cottage, we are gearing up for a music concert at the end of the week that big bumblebee is in. Before half term she had a whole "orchestra" day, and when she bounded out of the hall at the end of the day, she had very sore arms from holding up her violin......

Now I must admit to being a bit flaky with the practice over the holidays, but she's doing ever so well. I am a proud mummy, proud of her patience, proud of her enthusiasm, proud of her work ethic of ploughing on through it, ..." oooh this is hard Mummy, it's three fingers, I've only learnt how to do it with one"...today she saw her reward for all her hard work and efforts. Something clicked in to place. The girls got it down.

Thursday night we shall be watching her in the orchestra at the concert. I may cry. Ok I will cry. My goodness I love that girl.

In other news, and sorry for the lack of pictures on this post.... I have been painting ( what? Again you cry! Yes AGAIN ) an old wardrobe found on freecycle ( which I think deserves it's own post once finished )...
but it's a beast, the veneer is fighting me all the way......and there's also a little birthday project going on.

I can't say too much, someone might be listening, BUT It does involve beano pictures....and mod podge....... I have had to change the design slightly, the the boy in question - I hope will like it......

Reveal to follow .......

Have a fabby week, I wonder what project's you guys will be tackling?



  1. Hope everything goes well at the concert,good luck to bumble bee.Love Jill xx

  2. Firstly I love your new header so pretty! And where did you find the pretty lables at the top?

    Well done to your eldest bumblebee! I know how hard the violin is to learn I tryed it a few years ago, I did manage to squeak out a few tunes but then life got in the way as it does! Its funny because I have been thinking about my violin recently.

    Look forward to seeing your cool project complete it sounds very cool and exciting!

    I have heaps of unfinished and not started projects on the go, the first one is getting some seeds planted tomorrow. I have decided that spring is here whether it likes it or not! lol.

    Have a great concert and dont forget the hankies.

    MBB x

  3. Good luck Big Bumblebee!
    That's a nifty little taggy thing you've got going on at the top. Love the header photo.

  4. Can't wait for the re-do photos......love your piano!

  5. I love your new header too. Is it a Maileg mouse or did you make it? Love it.
    Just out of interest, what ages was your daughter when she started to learn the violin? I think Eliska may be interested in playing an instrument when she is a bit older and would like to encourage her, as I never had the chance.
    Aw, I would cry too. xxx

  6. well done lovely bumblebe's! you'll be amazing!...you know that inner teenager in myself so wanted to learn the piano! especially after falling in love with tori amos music at 16!!!!.
    other than the recorder- well, we just couldnt afford music lessons, and my family just didnt have a music note in them to teach me ;0(
    But i would really encourage my daughter to take up something instrumental wise!...though i think she's going down the drama route she loves the stage! ;0) x love teh header nattie xx

  7. Good luck for the concert. I played clarinet and I really loved our school concerts. I had a long black skirt made for the occasions and I felt so special in it.

  8. Wishe bumblebee good luck at the concert from us!! Lookinf forward to seeing the wardrobe!!

  9. Aww thanks ladies,your support for the new header is making me super happy. Glad it's liked, Q did it for me, and made the little tag buttons too. Big Bumblebee has gone into school today with butterflies in her tummy, but a smile on her face. I am sooo nervous for her......roll on 7pm tonight when we can just watch and enjoy the concert!
    Nattie xxxx