Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A re-use/make and mend/ upcycle lilydoll story.........x

I tend to hang onto the bumblebee's clothes that hold memories for me. I can, for instance tell you, that the green fleece jumper was bought for a snip on a second hand clothes stall, and both bumblebee's adored it, wearing it throughout their time at pre-school and on long wintery walks along a blustery seafront. The red hearts cord dress, bought for big bumblebee at three - has seen them both through many a birthday party, and even has a tiny rip on the side from Seth as a puppy.

I have plans for the majority of their old clothes, but this morning, a poorly little bumblebee asked for new lilydoll dresses........I may have been up most of the night, but that is what a Mummy is for, and it was worth it, to see her little pale washed out face, glimmer with happiness once the dresses had been made.

So take a few old clothes.......

And a dash of trimmings.......

An hours work, and look........two lilydolls, ready for a playdate.

If you have any little ladies in your life ( or boys, don't think I'm sexist ).......a lilydoll is a powerful investment. I think made by the company Manhattan toys  ( they make the smaller groovy girl dolls, which we do have, but I find the outfits of the lilydolls far more unoffensive, a doll should never, in my opinion, dress in animal print.....or any adult for that matter....just sayin )

The hours of fun my girls have had with these little ladies, and like I did today, you can make many an outfit for them.

Big bumblebee is at an Orchestra day today, playing her violin all day. I hope lilydolls new dress will be a nice surprise at the end of her busy, busy noisy day!

Is it nap time????



  1. So with you on the leopard print ..!

    Gorgeous little dresses, you are clever. I'm really rather fancying myself in red and white cord hearts now!

    I haven't tended to keep my children's clothes, I really, really wish I had though. My daughter used to have a bright green dress with the dearest fruit and flower print that I would give my eye teeth for now.


  2. there is a mummy at sophia's school that always seems to be in leopard print leggings...i mean its her choice, but i always think 'oh no'. Sophia has a dolly, second hand called 'Taryn' from manhattan toy makers...and has a zebra print style skirt- thinking maybe a little make coming on...I still have my daughters doll to finish off from last october....im so slowwwww...thanks for the ideas x...love the girls clothes and history behind them too ;0)x

  3. Wow you are a good mummy staying up all night! Such a perfect use for their old clothes that you want to remember! xx

  4. Nattie, those dresses are fab! I had my first real venture into making dolls clothes at Christmas but found it all a bit fiddly. Your dresses are delightful - lucky dolls and lucky bumblebees. I so love that my girls have never wanted Barbies and the like. We have a few babies and a couple of dolls similar to Lily. At the moment Emily Button comes everywhere with us and I'm scared to death is going to get lost.