Monday, 13 February 2012

With love..............................

Are you feeling the love?

There's not an occasion that we don't celebrate in this house. We will be giving and receiving ( hopefully ) valentine cards, we shall settle down to a good home cooked meal....( though I've yet to decide what on the menu......chocolate HAS to be included doesn't it? Oysters, cliche? Or are we going for cliche? How about the Q's favourite meal? Will go with that )...the bumblebee's will have a little pre mummy and daddy dinner...dinner....

However, we won't be sending expensive gifts, or buying into crappy card shop crappity crappyness. I love my Q, I tell him every day. I don't NEED valentines day to show it, or to prove it.

But will enjoy a nice evening together, NOT in a crowded pub/restaurant...been there before, was sooooo cringy , and that's from the hopeless romantic that I am....I want snuggles and kisses, chocolate and wine, a D.V.D and my Q to kiss my forehead and wind my hair behind my he does.

That's all.

Happy valentine's to you snogging in the back row please.........



  1. I love all your valentines....and I'm coveting that oil painting!

    Happy Love day Momma!!! and I'm going to snog....hehehe!

  2. Sounds perfect and uncommercial. Have a good one.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you too. No cheesy grossness here either. We give pressies that we want - me a Cath K bag, husband a bottle of EDT that he wanted, the girl had a game thingummy. She's also got flowers arriving tomorrow, but doesn't know about that yet! She's only 5 and will be thrilled to have pink roses delivered to her little self. Can't wait for that.

    We'll go out for a family meal on Saturday. I can't abide watching people gush and lots of icky proposals. Urgh! To be avoided at all costs!

  4. Loving your bunting very cute!

    We dont celebrate valentines here much. Every few years we might have a cooked meal here but we like to do those things when we want to.

    Have done all that lurve stuff in the past but think I prefer it how things are now more me! lol.

    Hope you have a lovely evening.

    A really lovely post.

    MBB x

  5. Love the bunting! I love what you said about telling Q you love him everyday! We are the same so no crap this year!!!

  6. Thanks ya'll.........hope you all have a happy V day doing lovely things including slurping gallons of tea, painting your nails, munching biscuits and dancing to music....or is that just what I'll be doing?! xxxx

  7. yes lovely bunting and def no snogging!

    Happy Valentines!

  8. Just caught up on a couple of posts of yours that I've missed. Love the new floorboards!

    I'm pleased that you celebrate Valentine's Day - too many people write it off as a day invented by card manufacturers but it doesn't have to be. You can interpret it any way you like! Love your plans, very similar to ours!


    PS when I read this post I original read it as Q winding YOUR hair around HIS ears. I had to do a double-take and read it properly. Ha! How weird would that be, winding your hair around his ears. Each to his own and all that. (Sorry, am waffling, but it tickled me.)