Friday, 15 April 2011

Colourful sparkly eggs......................x

There have been many activities going on here this week. I am lucky that my girls enjoy a good crafting session, I am not one for containing the mess, or asking them to be careful with the glue.....

Messy play is messy play isn't it??????? Free -range, self expression, no crafting boundaries........I'm a helicopter see when I was little, we grew up in a higgledy piggledy cottage, I think there was always glitter glue smeared on the kitchen table,  and I was allowed to paint my own room, I painted a jungle scene on the wall with tigers, parrots and stuffs! I know this is a bit out there, but that was my childhood....and I loved it..and I was very lucky and blessed I know.

B.T.W sorry about the fluffy pictures today, they have all been taken on my phone....( can't work out how to clear the memory of the normal camera......awww Mr.Q where are youuuu?!! )

P.S YES!!!!! That is the new painted window...all finished! Will post properly on this very very soon!!!

Easter making and doing........dying the eggs was really very easy, and soooo satisfying!! here's what you do...

You need :

Hot water
Selection of food dyes.
White vinegar.
Eggs that have been blown.

Use one cup of hot water for each egg. Add one tablespoon of vinegar, and a teaspoon of dye. Mix and add your egg, the longer it is in the water, the brighter the colour will be!

See! Super easy peasy!

We tried to convince Mr.Q that the chickens had laid colourful sparkly eggs, but he wasn't fooled! We'll get him next time.....

A little sneak peak of a sewing project I have been doing this week for littlest for big bumblebee's........all will be revealed I promise!..........................ooooh what could it be???!

Happy Friday to you all.......have a super day lovelies, what ever you are doing. Oooh can we all send some love, hugs and good luck to all the runners for the Marathon this weekend? My friend Caroline is running for her first ever time...wishing you luck lovely....will keep an eye out for you!

P.S How many Ooooh in this post today?!!! ooooh.....



  1. It's great to do messy stuff with the kids (within reason!!). Your sewing project looks intriguing.....

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog its lovely. Will call back soon.

  3. Thanks come back soon! xxxx
    nattie xxxx