Thursday, 28 April 2011

Romantic days and wedding fever.......................x

There's a frenzy going on................................have you noticed? Let talk royals in a mo, first I want to show you some pictures. Mr.Q and I strolled around Forde Abbey this week, and what a lovely time we had exploring the gardens, spying the trout in the lakes, being terribly boring and "ooohing" and "ahhhing" at tapestries, paintings, and ceilings......yup.......and we took ages taking it all in. We really enjoyed its so much, you should visit the place too, they do a lovely cream tea for two under £5! 

Honestly after all this walking this week, I ought to look Amazonian...... ( in my dreams, where I am married to Mr.Darcey, a perfect size 10, and have a holiday home in Normandy )

Ahhhhhhh what a lovely week I've had with Q! The bumblebee's have had a fun packed week too, getting ready for the Royal wedding, dressed in princess dresses for their feast at school today, coming home with various handmade weddingy bits and bobs, claiming they are sooooooooooo excited for tomorrow....Good luck to Will's and Kate xxxxxxxx 

Come on! Get that bunting out! x

B.T.W both Bumblebee's are now vegetarians, the roasted lamb tipped them over the edge last weekend, and so they no longer eat "dead animals, we are vegetarians".....although I am not so sure little bumblebee has grasped the situation ( is she just following in big bumblebee's footsteps? ).........she said " why does everyone keep talking about us being dinosaurs?" !!!!! Meat's all confusing for a 4 year old! But I am whole heartedly behind Talulla in her decision, we could see she was in such a moral dilemma, she adores animals. Pigs and lambs are her best, but any will do, she just is so contented and happy with them, she's my little budding vet, or perhaps she will be one of those ladies you see on the telly talent shows.....dancing with a dog...or perhaps a sheep or pig!

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