Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Day 2............x

Day two of the holidays and we are super relaxed, and happy. happy, happy, happy. I may have forgotten to go to a meeting last night, worn my P.J's until late morning, walked around the village supervising littlest bumblebee on her bike without having brushed my hair.......but that's what makes it all the more wonderful!

( picture above taken from the Stitch and Bitch / Knit and Natter we had.) ....tea in teacups and my fav choccie biccies, a bit of crochet, and bit of stitching, slurpings of teas and a few giggles. Brilliant!!! If you have like minded friends then I urge you to set up a little get together, to get new ideas, but also just to know you have some time put aside to actually DO some making.

Happy Tuesday all, have a lovely day xxxx

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