Tuesday, 26 April 2011

We're going on a ramble..............................

My legs are ever so sore. You see Mr.Q MADE me walk 5.5 miles today, and I have not been quite tickity-boo of late. I should know better really, and take things a bit more easy, and gently. Low blood pressure can be a bit of a pain...........any way......we did go on a lovely walk today through some pretty Somerset villages, with the doggies, in the sun, saying "hellooooo" to anyone and everyone who dared give eye contact.

And on Bank holiday Monday we found ourselves at Chard reservoir....now Chard is not the most attractive of towns in Somerset, but this little woodlandy walk round the reservoir is fab. Dappled shade, wildlife aplenty, and many, many tree's to climb. Plus we greedy Q's took a yummy scrummy pasta salad and donut picnic with us ( we didn't eat salad and donuts together...we aren't that strange, though I think given half the chance Little bumblebee would )..
We do seem to have been on many a walk these holidays..... 

I am ever so lucky as I have my man all to myself for three days this week....I suppose the logical thing to do, would to be getting on with the windows and the vegetable patch ( which is still not finished!! eeeeek ) But I have never been logical, and so feel we should spent precious time together...I think we might head for a National Trust something tomorrow, and perhaps behave like grown ups do. Oooh can you imagine wandering around at our own pace, no rush for ice-creams or parks???? can you, can you? 

Really, I just want to hold Mr.Q's hand tightly and just be.

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