Friday, 16 September 2011

Apron Magic.........................x

These past few days I have been creating kiddies aprons for littlest bumblebee's school class. They asked if I would make some to replace the old falling apart ones...."yipeee" I said, I love choosing fabric.

So using one of the bumblebee's aprons from home as a template.....I have been sewing easy...and I thought....what a lovely gift idea? Can you imagine a little tinker opening the present to receive a home-made apron, and perhaps a jar full of dry ingredients for cookies, with a cutter?

Ewwww look at my grotty wall...yuck.

Anyway, I am please with the results and have handed the apron bundle in this morning to the teacher. Of course I would have loved to personalized each apron, added ribbons and trims, BUT I had a vision in my head. 4/5/6 yr olds bickering over who gets which apron...hummmmm plain they had to be!!!

I am also making a few little somethings for y'all. For now, you will have to wait. But it won't be long....

Happy Friday x

P.S Sorry about the piccies, it was late last night, and I needed to get them wrapped up.

P.P.S.....On a Friday I don't have to pick the bumblebee's up from school till 4pm!!!!.....Gosh all day for me....what shall I do? I feel like cartwheeling around the lounge......but I might pull something...and can I even cartwheel anymore???........I do love the girls, but mummy time is thin on the ground...( although Mr.Q is working from home, so I fear I will be a waitress all day).....ramble, ramble, ramble.


  1. there lovely I am sure the children are going to be very happy to wear these
    xx fee

  2. Cute aprons! love the colours and the spots so sweet!

    Ahhh yes I know how you feel with the waitressing to work at DH's! lol. Mine works from home on a wednesday and friday and it does feel like a lot of drink and food making to keep his strength up! lol

    Hope you have a fab weekend, I just love your cottage. So pretty.

    MBB x

  3. Thanks so much for your's it going with the unpicking? must be something in the air I think, def small glass of vino later. the little pinny's are gorgeous
    Sophie xx

  4. I LOVE them! Gorgeous colour,how lucky they are!
    I love your dresser in the background.Your house is so

  5. I would like to go back to school just so I can wear one of your handmade aprons... I LOVE the spotty dotty blue fabric!!! YUM!
    Ahhh I am SO looking forward to my little ones starting full time at the end of next week, I feel a bit guilty (bad mummy!!) but mummy time is very thin on the ground here too... enjoy your Fridays...!! xx

  6. Awe they are so cute! I am planning to make aprons for my niece's for Christmas this year! And I love the idea of wrapping up some baking bits to go with them! Thank you! x

  7. Hi,your little aprons are so pretty,I made some with little trucks and cars on them for my 3 grandsons for christmas.Love Jill xx

  8. So nice of you do make those aprons! They are really lovely and, although plain, absolutely cute. Well done!

  9. Thank you all so much for your encouraging words!
    Nattie x