Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Here I am.....................x

It's been a while since my last post, and I've missed blogland. We went away in half term, spent some much needed time with some special friends we don't get to see as often as we'd like.....That's what happens when you move away from where you are brought up I guess..........

Effortless friendships. The ones that mean the most, but you don't have to try, you just fit. You giggle at the same things, enjoy the same days out, the children play and laugh can pick up where you left know who you are.........( wink ) x

It's always nice to come home though...nothing like your own snuggly bed, with your perfect pillows, and their own smell ( we're NOT dirty, just so you know, but every house has their own smell don't they? I can tell if the grandparents have left something here that I don't recognise...I give it a deep sniff and know! )

With the bumblebee's back at school, a few jobs can be done.
Darning a friend's girl's pointe ballet shoes.
Getting on with some knitting projects.
A few doodles for a job I'm doing.
THINKING about the floor to ceiling poster for the school Christmas fair......

Knitting, knitting, knitting.......we love a bit of knitting. In fact I'm helping a class at school on a tuesday afternoon now.....yup knitting. Each child will....hopefully.... knit a square each for a blanket, they want to use in the classroom for snuggling when tired or poorly....such a sweet idea.

Halloween fell on an inset day this year, the girls invited a friend to play, and we headed off in the wind and drizzle to Wayford Woods and had a lovely walk, was perfect weather for a scary Halloween walk actually. There are fairy doors in the crooks of the tree roots, and a goblin house too....wishes and letters were posted inside...then spooky chocolate eye balls were perfectly discovered in a did they get there?!!!



  1. Hi Natalie
    I should read your blog more often. A lovely post from a lovely lady. Your pics are beautiful. Can I have some of those ballet shoes, once I dumped the rest of the rubbish that litters our new home.
    All love xxxx

  2. I love what you said about effortless friendships and also about every house has its own true!!

  3. i miss my old island friends too, they are like that, no need to try you just hit off where you left off and enjoy it ;0)...yes i love smells, not in a stinky-poop way but my gramps n nannys house had such a lovely smell like your favourite book or snuggy blanky ;0)...i spent time at families houses at the end of half term and felt like i couldnr=t wait get home in my own home comforts ;0) sweet the school blanket idea- wonderful helping with the christmas fair at sophia's school - yikes! hehe x

  4. ooo i love that fairy card xx