Thursday, 1 March 2012

The bumblebee's and book day y'all ......x

Compared to my last few posts, this one, today, is a more personal one. Hope ya don't mind?

Today at the bumblebee' school, they are celebrating world book day. If you're unfamiliar with this, schools let the children dress up as favourite book characters, and are usually given a £1.00 book voucher. 
This year the theme was " monsters".....we oooohed and aaaahed, and the bumblebee's came up with........ahem....dementors from Harry Potter. I am totally aware that there are a lot of children that don't watch the Harry Potter films, they are deemed too scary. That's fine. Some of the films are 12's after all.
However, in this house I let them watch it. They watch Doctor who too. Each to their own. Everyone's different. yep, I am aware also that I have a 5yr old.....It's not like I'm letting them watch a gory horror film, lets keep a bit of perspective!

Anyway, back to it, I did say "no" to little bumblebee being a dementor at school....double standards? ......I  just didn't want her scaring some of the younger children in her class, that's all!

So big bumblebee WAS a dementor, and little bumblebee decided on being a wild thing, from where the wild things are.

All in all, I had happy bumblebee's this morning.
Though my big girl has itchy eyes and couldn't stop sneezing......"why are you sneezing so much this morning?" I asked her "I'm not sure " she said........oh that will be the daffodils I plucked from the garden yesterday......

Remember nattie to remove them later................don't forget will you?

So we make do and mend here. The fleece jumpsuit little bumblebee has on, was once a fleece dress for a Jemima puddle Duck costume I made a few years before. I cut legs, and a slit at the back, added a button and elastic for her. Added a tail and used a little princess felt crown she had in her dressing up box. Done.

Big Bumblebee's costume, I did have to buy the fabric for, but I know they will play H.Potter's with it easy ...a rectangle of fabric, scissors, sewing machine, face paints....dark clothes underneath. Done.



  1. My daughter went as Pippi Longstocking (no sewing required but great fun with mad plaits and freckles!). I'm very much of opinion each to their own - I let mine watch Simpsons but never have it on when their friends are around. Plus, my sister in law is very anti Horrid Henry whereas mine both loved him! Parents' prerogative I say!

    Your girls look super - you are a good mummy!


  2. Fab outfits ~ both your girls look great. My little boy dressed up this morning too ~ as Dr Who! He came down with his book and sonic screwdriver in hand and said that nothing else would do. Who was I to argue! I meant to pop by the other day to say how much I loved you Beano chair too :O)x

  3. Awww they look great! Scarlett x

  4. i'm the sooo not with it mummy that sends her daughter in school uniform- she'd been off sick and sent her back today and saw they were celebrating it...i remember us having this convo and she wanted to be the lion from the lion, the witch and the wardrobe...its been one of those weeks for me!....I SOOOOOO ADORE your littlys costumes! mega cute or what!...beautiful smiles!
    hope they enjoy there very special day xxxx

    they will have lots to tell mummy on the way home....think my daughter will be asking me why i didnt give her a costume!...bummer!!!!! ;0)

  5. My grandson Billys school celebrated this afternoon in their PJS.They all had a hot chocolate drink and cuddled up reading stories.Wish they had asked for Grandmas to go in and help,I would of been first to put my hand up.Billy is staying with me tonight so we have snuggled up and read The Polar Express his favourite book.Your bumble bees look so sweet.Love Jill xx

  6. so cute...I love that book! read it to my boys every night for a number of years!

  7. What fabulous photos and the childrens grinning faces says it all - they loved their dressing up day! Nothing like this in the schools here in Hampshire! Just become a follower!
    Love that Dennis the Menace chair!

  8. You did well with the book day thing. I forgot about it last year and so on the morning or the day I scrambled about trying to find something. I sent Big in as a Cowboy. The teacher said "Who are you?" At which point I said "Ah you'll have to guess, and he'll tell you when you are right" With that I legged it as I hadn't a clue who he was. Nor did he. Luckily it was all glossed over.

    Did you know you're a no reply blogger, my lover? (Where are you in Somerset? I'm between Bristol, WSM and Cheddar.