Thursday, 15 March 2012

Going slowly.....................x

My mind is as muddled as my knitting basket......I'm having a day to be me today. 

 Though am slowly doodling with some work I've been asked to do.....listening to Ed Sheeran, looking out of the window at the daff's........and even though it's a damp, foggy Somerset day. It's beautiful to me. And perfect for my frame of mind today......

 I think even Sethy dog is having a day to himself......dreaming about bones, biscuits and apples ( he like apples, infact he's crazy for them.....and I'm sure he smiles at you when you give him one....funny chap )

Hope you are all finding time for you today x


  1. I love the drawing of George and the Dragon.
    I'm having a rather frustrating off day!
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. i love your art! such a talent! ;0)x
    oooooh and get a little giddy looking at your lovely home xx

  3. Lovely drawing! Hope you've had a good day. Can't wait for tomorrow - my only day off this week. The sewing machine's been missing me.