Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wardrobe fa laaa laaaaaaaaaa.....x


This morning, as the sun shone in the bright blue sky, I had a thought. And it was this...." Nattie, why not take some pwetty pictures of the finished wardrobe in the bumblebee's bedroom for all the bloggy world to see? Tis a perfect morning for it, light and shadows shall dance together...it will be fun"....

Oh what a shame, when I realized the camera thought it would be the perfect day for it to play silly games. Humpffffff......I reached for my phone....and this is what we made together.....

A few wardrobe tra la laaaa I'm finished pictures, though blurry ( don't tell the wardrobe, she'll get upset, let's say she looks mysterious and magical ok? ).....

Can you even believe those cheeky bumblebee's have caused a clothing chaos already inside????? Do they not know how many ironing hours ( ok more like minutes, ok a quick swipe over with the iron, that's it ) have gone into those clothes? Flung inside, how ruuuuude......back to miss wardrobe...

I am pleased she's done, she wasn't the easiest piece of furniture to paint.....always moaning, complaining, wouldn't  sit still.......

Though, she sits, quite happily now, nestled in with little bumblebees desk, by the fairy picture, and sometimes, if I listen ...very quietly, if I really concentrate, I can hear her singing.......ever so faintly.

Happy wardrobe. Happy Bumblebee's. Happy me........happy, happy, happy.


P.S.....A few things that make me not so happy. Just for a bit of balance.

1. The cut out carpet round the wardrobe...WHY do people do this? It's just wrong, wrong, wrong.
2. Cats that make nests on the children's beds, hair, sticky leaves and stuffs eurgh.
3. My stinking camera not working.
4. Little bumblebee's desk needs replacing....old vintage school one needs to be found, but not at a ridiculous price..hang your head in shame Mr's wot over price on their stalls.
5.  I have a head cold, sore teeth, and throat. And am quite grumpy. very grumpy.
6. There's no chocolate in the house.



  1. Love the wardrobe! Hope you're feeling better soon! I have been feeling rough myself this past week with a sore throat - the OH got me a saline solution at the chemists and I feel better having squirted sea salt up my nasal passages! Hope you get some chocolate soon - I'm off to see if I've any in the cupboard!

  2. Aw, what a shame you don't feel so good! Wardrobe is lovely, though. If I'm desperate, and there's no chocolate in the house, a teaspoon of drinking chocolate usually does the trick!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. The wardrobe is wonderful....and I hate when theres no chocolate....life is just better with it!
    My hubby does construction for a living and he hates this also...alot of time they don't run flooring under either....basically it boils down to laziness!

  4. Love the wardrobe. Why wouldn't someone want carpet under it - how annoying for you. I am a stickler for making sure the unseen is still OK (inherited from a perfectionist chippy as a Dad who made it his mission to peer underneath and behind all furniture everywhere he went) I also hate it when there's no chocolate. Its a fundamental need isn't it. I have been known to raid Little Son's stash. He is very restrained and keeps his chocolate for months on end all piled up in little bowls in his room. He'll soon learn to hide it!!