Friday, 9 March 2012

Mother's Day Doings......# Heartfelt Brooches x

Following on from the last post of  MOTHER'S DAY DOINGS......

If you have a spare half hour, dig out your fabric stash, and have a go at one of these brooches. I can't claim to have discovered these myself, oh no, a lovely pal did show me how to make these, one fabby giggly night at a craft evening ( she does those, once a month )....and have been meaning to make one for  the Mummy and Mummy in law ever since.


Approx 13" x 1.5" ( for the small brooch ) of fabric
Approx 19" x 3" ( for the large brooch ) of fabric
Other small scraps of fabric/felt.
Vintage buttons.
Brooch backs.

# brooch backs found at craft or haberdashery shops in packs.....ever so useful to have some about the house.

Ready? let's go......

Find a suitable fabric for your brooch. If you are making it for someone else, bear in mind your choice/taste may be different to theirs. I also used some ticking - a sample I was thinking of using for curtains. If you have a favourite top that is ripped or ruined you could easily use that.

Measure, and cut your fabric length....then if you fancy a bit of fringing , I find now is the easyiest time to do that. Simply pull the threads, one by one, away from the edge which will eventually be the outside of the brooch. Keep going until you find a thickness you like.....( tis very much down to you, how thick or fine you fancy it )

See? Still with me? you will need to sew a simple running stitch along the other edge of the fabric ( this is about to be the middle of your brooch ) all the way to the end......then pull tight to gather the fabric in a ruffled fashion. Secure with a few knots and you should now have, what looks like the beginnings of your brooch.

Now it's time to cut some small circles ( I used cotton spool ends! )...and find a favourite button too.....then sew these together and add to the brooch with a few stitches.

Next is the back.....another small circle will hide all the stitches and messy middle...and is also the place to sew on your brooch back.

 Are you finished?!!!!! Me too............ aren't they the sweetest? Again I think children could do these, and you could always layer up the fabric too.

These will be going into the Mother's Day Hamper ...along with the bath soaks, and a few more makes and gifts in the next few days.

B.T.W how delicious is that feedsack material??????? I might keep that one that naughty?! 

Happy Brooch making xxxx


  1. These are adorable....I want them!

  2. Thanks for sharing this, may have a good at the weekend.
    Lisa x

  3. just beautiful...what a lovely idea, thank you x
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  4. sooooo beautiful, inspirational and wonderful fabrics!!!! ;0)x...i have something similar from a Noa Noa shop that was bought for me around my 21st birthday...lovely! x