Monday, 12 March 2012

Mother's Day Doings....# stuff's they likes..x

I think, a little bit of what you fancy is just the thing on Mother's Day. So with that in mind, off I trotted shopping for nice motherly things.......
First stop was of the internet kind. A fav fabby bargain place.... THE BOOK PEOPLE who I use  alot, ALOT people! I use them for children's party bag fillers too, the deals on the kiddies collection books are great, but if you have small-un's, you'll already know this.

I just couldn't resist HOPE AND GREENWOOD 's book for my Mum, oooh and black forest fudge? Will be jotting that recipe down quick sticks.....But such a nice book, yummy looking recipes, which are not unattainable, quite simple but tasty looking, beautiful vintage illustrations too......

I feel like, there's no need to spend a fortune, but to buy things or make things that will be appreciated, and used......( my reasoning for herbal teas, and chocolate bars )

The girls also made a Dead Sea Bath Detox this weekend.....mixing many salts and green clay.....I for one am looking forward to mine....hoping it comes with a large glass of wine too??????

I think I'm quite safe in showing all these things to you, I did tell my Mum not to look on the blog this week, though is that too tempting?!  

So while the bumblebee's came home exhausted and with  tempers fraying after swimming with Q yesterday....I thought...." hooo hummmm little ladies, shall we make some cards for the Grannies?" So we did, and it was fun. Weaving, just using bits of garden magazines for the florals, and polka dot wrapping, and perhaps some left over beano.......I say " more weaving, kiddies should be doing more weaving, experimenting with different papers and colours, MORE WEAVING" .........we liked the weaving.

Now off I go to look after big bumblebee, off school again with coughs and a wheezin. She's ok really, just needs me to keep an eye on her chest and breathing say I....we might go and visit the Library now.......cos we are both book worms.

Over and out lovelies.



  1. Could i become your adoptive mummy pleeeeaase?!
    gorgeous makes, i have that book and it really is very very good.
    Lovely cards girls x
    sending get well wishes to big bumblebee
    love jooles x

  2. I'm loving your creations.....they are total treasures.....made with love!

  3. What a lovely day you Mam is going to have. I have that cookery book - even just looking at it makes me happy. Lily. xxx

  4. i want to see your mums face! what thoughtful, lovely giftys, soooooo lovely xxxxx

  5. Lovely gifts you've been posting Nattie!
    Thanks for the book People reminder. Since we've moved I don't seem to get their catalogue so I must take a look online.