Thursday, 8 March 2012

Mother's Day Doings.......# Bath Soaks x

I thought, with Mother's day looming upon us, I might share a few D.I.Y crafts, makes, ideas for those lovely ladies in our lives. To say thank you, I love you, you are special, wonderful, and perfect.

My thoughts are this. Lovely thoughtful inexpensive gifts.

So this is my first make.
A pamper/relax/mummy moment.


You will need:

One large sprig of fresh Rosemary.
One handful of dried Chamomile.
One cup of porridge oats.
A large square of muslin.
Length of string.

# Dried chamomile flowers can be found in your nearest health shop, or online. ( or perhaps you are super fab and have some dried flowers you can use from your own garden...lavender would also do. )
# Cheap muslin can be found at most fabric shops.

Righty ho lovelies, this is soooo quick and easy...blink and it's done.

 Mix your oats and chamomile together and add to the middle of your fabric square.

Pop on top your rosemary sprig.

Gather the corners of your fabric together, to make a little bag, and tie with your string. ( I have left a loop on my string so that my Mummy can dangle her bath soak from the taps......)

Write a little tag, declaring your bath soak, and easy instructions.....


Wouldn't you just love one of these, made with love?!
Super easy for children o do too.....perfect presents also for Granny.
And already smells amazing...might just make one up for me......

So over the next week or so, I'll be bringing you more ideas........look out.



  1. what a delightful mother you are nattie x
    i really want to try this!...relaxing baths as a mother is such luxury in the evenings!...I used to crave a blissful bath when sophia was first born!- just that bit of peace for an hour! ;0)x
    I love the photography and your school desk! how wonderful!!!!! xx thank you for sharing xx

  2. i love this idea! so clever and i will deffo be making a few :o)
    thank you so much x
    love jooles x

  3. I want a bath now, may be after the kids get off to school....

  4. This sounds so lovely and so simple to make. And I bet the smell is wonderful. Great idea. :)

  5. I can smell it!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. Hello Nattie, this is such a lovely idea. I think I'll get my three little ones to make these for the Grandma's. Thank you for sharing, looking forward to seeing what ideas you come up with next. Bertie x