Saturday, 17 March 2012

A weekend wander.........x

Meandering through magnificent gardens, wandering historic rooms full of secrets past, this afternoon was time to get out national trust cards out, and have a little visit to a local house and gardens.

Montacute is such a pretty Somerset village, but also a great way to spend an afternoon, when you don't quite know what to do, because you've spent the morning food shopping and saying goodbye -till the next visit, to Grandpa ( off he zoomed back to Sussex ). And waiting to take a bumblebee to a birthday party late afternoon........a few hours to kill.....then lets soak up a bit a Englishness ..........."oooh yeah" we said....( and pocket monies were spent in the gift shop, more tat, but what can a girl do? They love all that nick nack  nonsense, anyway, mostly it'll be eaten by one of the dogs, or sucked up the hoover....I don't mind which )...............

Now can I just mention a most excellent giveaway on one of my most favourite blogs?  A THRIFTY MRS X is giving away something quite perfect...go take a peek and enter, though if you win, you will have to give the prize to me as I told you about it. Those are my terms..............hehe...

Hope all mummies everywhere have a lovely day tomorrow......sending much love to you all, we have the best job in the world. THE BEST, and no matter how tough or testing it can be at times, just a little smile, a hold of your hand, those three words spoken oh so softly, you feel like your home. Where you are meant to be. Doing what you are meant to be doing, with those lovely people you love so much.

xxxxxxxx HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY LADIES xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hello,
    I know it is a slice of Englishness, but the first pic reminded me of here, bizarrely enough. The pics also remond me of a lovely park I used to live close to in the UK.
    Thanks for the lat paragraph. I find it hard being a mum in a foreign country sometimes and beat myelf up about not being good enough. However, you are so right.
    Thankyou for your info on music lessons. Sorry for late reponse. I have been working more recently so had less time to comment. I think there are some local teachers for piano. I might start her off with that. I teach a lovely Czech family and their two cildren are very musical. It is lovely to see. I think it is something a lot of people neglect, but I never had the chance so I feel quite passionate about it being an opportunity for Eliska.
    !Your blog is lovely. Happy Maminka's day to you. xxx

  2. Lovely photos! It looks like a great place for a day out. I've only just found your blog so I am off for a read through your older posts - I've already spotted a photo of a labrador, so I think I'll like it! Cathy X

  3. Montacute is such a pretty village isn't it?
    Quiet and tranquil! I love it!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. I love to go look at big gardens, I love those big shaped trees, can you imagine wearing one of those dresses with huge skirts and glidn around the garden? We don't really have much around here by way of national trust houses, so it's always a special treat when we do go.

    Have a good week!

  5. Sorry autocorrect not at it's best...gliding....


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